Did you know that proper etiqtte says you should include a note with your bee blocks when you mail them?

I confess that, at first, I didn’t.

I sent my first month or two’s bee blocks without a note before realizing the error of my ways. With two regular bees, one charity bee, a few fabric swaps, and some sales via Instagram’s #thegreatfabricdestash, I’ve gone through the small stash of stationery I had on hand (and recently replenished).

I’m already spending the equivalent of a yard or two of fabric on postage each month, so I’m not eager to order pricey stationery that’s unique – and I don’t always have time to appliqué some patchwork on a notecard like I’ve done in the past. But, pretty packaging does bring a smile to my face when I get fabric in the mail that has minimal, but lovely, business or note cards included), I decided to shop a little and come up with something new but inexpensive to include in my bee block packages.


I already had the ink pads and little ant stamp on hand, so I added some small note cards that were 10 for $1 at Joann’s. I also snapped up another stamp of some grasses and a couple rolls of “Special Delivery” tape that were $1 each.


I had a good time playing around with the supplies!


All of the supplies magically fit in my old stationery box.


Since the letters most often go into bee block packages, I think the quote on the stationery box lid is quite fitting. Each time I send bee blocks, I think about how I’ve learned something new in making the block. Or enjoyed the challenge of coming up with just the right fabric for a bee mate. Or been blessed to be a part of a community of people helping one another make things.


Maybe someday I’ll get to send YOU a note and a bee block! I look forward to it.

If you have neat ideas for customizing your stationery or if there is packaging you’ve received that’s been particularly enjoyable, I’d love to hear about it.



  1. Sarah

    Those are just so cute!! I’m a huge fan of including a note, but I just use cute cards from the stationary/scrapbooking section. I always put it in its envelope, and put the recipient’s address on the envelope and then stick it in a ziploc bag with the blocks. I’ve had that save far too many blocks from wherever the post office loses thing. And being on the receiving end is so nice – especially so you can put a name with the screenname. 😀

  2. Sheila Williams

    You sent me a note with my bee blocks and I love it! Thank you so much and it’s so nice to hear how you made them.

  3. julie

    What a lovely idea. I make a lot of cards, and always include a note with swaps. I should sit down and make some special ones that represent me for that purpose.

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