Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting another mosaic contest. I love the challenge of pulling “virtual” fabric stack for a given theme; I feel like it stretches me to think about colors in a new way, and I get to play with fabrics that I don’t (yet?) own.  You should go check it out and put one together, too!

I attempted to be somewhat edgy in my first mosaic. When I sat down to the computer during my little one’s nap time today, I felt a little grumpy, a little sassy, and may have had some lingering frustration from the morning. The colors that drew me in were bold, with contrast. The two favorite fabrics I was building around were Tula’s Hummingbird in Honey from her Acacia line and the Fox and the Houndstooth Glasses. This mosaic didn’t really feel much like the usual “me,” but I enjoyed at least trying to be somewhat edgy, trendy, hip, or something.

Unabashedly Yellow Mosaic for Stitched in Color

I think I mellowed as I got to dream about fabric. My second attempt felt more comfortable to me. There’s something subtle, reflective, and a little nostalgic about it. There are all kinds of symbols for me in this mosaic: the deer peering through words, mirrors, fields of flowers and a little village of homes squeezed in tightly. Even the simple vines accented sporadically with color seem to speak to me as a symbol. Throughout these fabrics, yellow – if it’s even there – is much more subtle. It doesn’t try very hard, and there’s something about it that has put me in a much more zen mood.

Stitched in Color Mosaic Contest - Yellow

Hopefully that mood persists when my bundle of energy wakes up from his nap and is ready to play again!

Be sure to check out all the other mosaic entries!


  1. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Just wanted to pop back in and tell you that your 2nd mosaic missed out on the finalists by one cut! Sorry =(. I LOVE it, but decided it was probably not so “unabashedly” as some of the others. But, I love, love, love its zen mood. So much character in the fabric choices too.

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