I know staples aren’t sewing.

That’s a good thing for me.

I’ve recently had a hard time feeling motivated to sit down at my sewing machine, but that has changed since I swapped out my ratty old ironing board cover for something fresh and new. It’s brightened my whole sewing space.

board and iron

I didn’t take pictures of the whole process, but it was very straightforward and very quick. My old board was one of the college dorm ones you can buy at Joanns for a couple of bucks. There’s a dry erase board on the back, and it’s meant to hang on a wall when not in use.

It didn’t quite fit in my sewing machine travel bag, so I had my sweetheart cut off the end of the board that narrows like traditional boards. It’s now a very useful rectangle.

I took one layer of leftover Warm and Natural Cotton batting and one layer of Insulbrite thermal batting and cut them flush with the edges of my board – about 12×18″. I placed a piece of home dec weight fabric from Ikea over the top of that and stapled the Ikea fabric to the underside.

ironing board back

I realize the corners could be a bit more elegant, but I just pulled the fabric tightly in the middle and on either side and stapled it as securely as I could.

board corner 1

board corner 2

The finished look is good enough for me. It should last a little while, and I’m pretty sure I can get at least two or three more rounds of staples in there before I feel like ditching the board. That’s pretty good for a couple of bucks at Joann’s!

ironing board cover

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  1. Shauna

    So so cute.  I made a cover to fit over a TV tray.  I can iron on it then remove it and put my cutting board on the same table

  2. Tina Short

    It looks great.
     I have a small metal folding board from Ikea but it flexes and even with extra wadding sometimes the impression of the metal grid come through onto the fabric – guess I’ll have to ditch it and make one like yours.

  3. Lisa

    I have a large ironing board like this – maybe 35 x 45 – and I just love it. Nothing better for ironing yardage, but I’ve been wanting something this size for piecing. I love your choice of cover fabrics!

  4. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    I keep saying I need a small pressing board for right beside me when doing PP and that I’ll buy one. What am I thinking? All I need is to make one with plywood. Yours is good inspiration – I think I’ll tackle it next week! As I live somewhere with “beware moose crossing” signs on the roads, I have to say, love the moose, Daisy!!

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