**UPDATE: As of January 2015, Juliet is selling her patterns through her website.  I’ve changed the link below to reflect that.  **

I’ve got a butterfly quilt in the works.

I thought I’d need to make a few more blocks, but my bee mates have been so generous that I may not add much to what they’ve already sent.

These butterflies from Tartankiwi’s Craftsy Shop kept coming to mind whenever I thought of how to arrange the various blocks for this quilt. None of my bee mates (quite understandably) chose to make one, so yesterday, I decided to give the pattern a try.

Butterfly MPP

I used solids for the blues except in the body of the butterfly which came from an Anna Maria Horner print out of her Loulouthi line. The pinks are mostly Kaffe Fasset and a little Anna Maria Horner. The background is a mix of low volumes that I’ve acquired in bundles (heavy usage of Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric though – I may never be able to avoid it in my projects because it’s just that handy.)

Butterfly MPP 2

I don’t have much to offer by way of tips and tricks. The block was straightforward and very well designed. I will say that for some of the longer pieces, I really like using a little bit of my glue stick not just on the first piece of fabric, but also on the long ends to keep the fabric from falling away from the paper. This was most useful on the center piece where the background at the top and bottom of the segment is far away from any stitching until the final two seams are complete.

At $2.95, this is one of the better impulse buys I’ve made on Craftsy.



  1. Sarah from milaandcuatro

    it looks great, I’m really looking forward to seeing your final quilt, because I love how Michelle’s (Factotum of Arts) one turned out. I haven’t done any paper piecing before but have been eyeing up this butterfly one.

  2. Jill @ Pie Lady Quilts

    That is one beautiful block! I never really buy complete lines, but Loulouthi was one I did. How fitting that it is used in a butterfly quilt. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. hydeeann

    simply beautiful. your color combination is perfection. i think you’re right – that is a great impulse purchase. and so much less than my usual craftsy impulse purchases!

  4. Liz

    I love it and can’t imagine doing that paper piecing.  Even simple stuff gets me all confused!

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  6. Sara

    This is gorgeous! I just discovered machine paper piecing. I’m making the Tessellation Quilt by Alison Glass. It’s been fun! Much better than cutting everything so precisely. Maybe I’ll try something like this after I finish.

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