My Ohio friend wasn’t a big fan of the first three prototypes I made for her brother’s wedding gift.


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I’ll be posting a quasi-tutorial on my process for creating those prototypes, but I’m eager to have a Friday Finish post this week. The quasi-tutorial is definitely not finished. For now, I’ll share that those images were created from photographs of improv blocks clipped to an image of the state of Ohio in Photoshop.

I’m so glad I took that step because it gave my friend an opportunity to go out and pick up a few charm packs of fabrics that fit what she had in mind for the project. I’m recognizing that matching other people’s taste in fabrics might not be a strength of mine – my own preferences are too strong to put aside!

I gratefully took her charm packs and got to work on another ipmrov block.

ohio in progress

I Mistyfused my carefully trimmed Ohio onto some Essex yard dyed linen in Steel, and I placed a heart over Cincinnati. I had a little Steam-a-Seam left over from previous projects that I used for the heart. I definitely prefer Steam-a-Seam to the Mistyfuse, but I wanted to work with what I had on hand. I didn’t have enough Steam-a-seam to cover the whole state of Ohio.

ohio heart

Hopefully, I created something that her brother and his fiancé (now wife?) will enjoy for years to come.

ohio finish

I’ll be linking up with crazymomquilts and the other Friday Finishes for this week!


  1. Vera

    I probably shouldn’t say it but your friend created very nice fabric combo. You turned it  into piece of art 😉

    1. Daisy

      Vera, you should DEFINITELY say it!  I agree. I would have never arrived at the combination she selected, but she did a beautiful job.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to piece with her fabric choices!

  2. Emily

    I like it, I bet it takes a fair bit of patience to cut out the outline! And a very sharp pair of scissors i guess 🙂 It has inspired me to see if I can figure out how to do my country or county in tapestry crochet (coz I am a crocheter), I’m hoping I could make a cute cushion with the Country I live in on one side and the County I was born in on the other. 

    1. Daisy

      Emily, it’s funny that you mention sharp scissors. Cutting Ohio was how I discovered my scissors had been dulled by my husband’s velcro-cutting activities!

  3. Carol

    I love it!  In fact, when I saw your original prototypes I went down and did some scrap sewing to make one of my own state and one for a friend.   I would be shocked if the recipients don’t love it.  

  4. Phil L

    As a fellow Buckeye, it makes me proud.  I was hoping you’d put in all 88 counties!  Keep up the good work.

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