When I think about this quilt, I refer to it – in my head – as the AMH Patchwork.

I’m not a nautical gal, but I can’t help but hear a ship’s name when I say, “AMH Patchwork.”

I’d love to draw some parallel to breaking, or just drinking, a bottle of champagne to celebrate finishing this quilt, but with my growing baby belly, that’d probably be in poor form.  It’s exciting for me though.  It’s my first, “just-for-me” quilt. I fell quite hard for Anna Maria Horner’s (AMH) Loulouthi line, and I wanted a quilt, just for me, that would capture it’s range of colors and patterns.

I’d never tried using the Clover Wonder Clips for attaching the binding, but I really, really liked it.  This quilt isn’t huge, but at roughly 60×70″, it’ was a bit of a handful.  The ends of my pins inevitably find their way to some body part or another when moving that much quilt around, and the clips were a much gentler solution for me.

Binding the AMH Patchwork

I chose a zig zag binding for a few reasons.  It’s fast. It’s forgiving. And of the few quilts I’ve finished and kept, the zig zag binding holds up the best in the wash. I’m no expert so take that advice lightly.

AMH Patchwork Finished Binding

After the first wash, the quilting, (in my not so humble opinion), looks as good as it did when the quilt was hot off the long-arm.  I am so glad that I went ahead and tried quilting on the old, modal sheet.  It’s soft. It’s cozy. It didn’t pucker. It didn’t shrink.  My first two long-arm quilting attempts have been with soft, stretchy backs.  It’s a bit of a headache and I get stressed that disaster is on the horizon, but I’ve been so pleased so far.

Quilting on the Back of the AMH Patchwork

I struggled a little to get a good picture of the top, but you’ll have to take my word for it – this quilt completes our guest bedroom.  It’s meant to be my couch snuggle quilt, but it might become a time share with this space because it just brightens everything up in there.

AMH Patchwork spread out on bed

Quilt Stats
Size: 61″x 70″
Pattern: Simple patchwork squares, each finishes at 8.5″
Front: Loulouthi with one or two squares from Field Study, both by Anna Maria Horner, purchased at Hawthorne Threads
Back: Blue modal sheet, purchase location long-forgotten
Binding: Michel Miller Cotton Couture in Nite
Batting: Warm and Natural Cotton

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Patchwork Quilt Folded at Foot of Bed

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  1. Julie

    This is beautiful.  Adore AMH fabrics, don’t think I will ever have enough to make a quilt though.  Love using those clover clips too.  Also congratulations on the Baby belly – did  I miss a post or 2 or 3?

  2. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    So lovely! The large blocks show off AMH’s fabrics so well and the post wash photo looks almost identical to the off the long arm quilting photos. Awesome! I have never considered using a zig-zag stitch when machine binding my quilts, so I’ll definitely file that idea away to try sometime! I also agree that the clips are wonderful and have kept my poor fingers and belly and arms and… from endless poking and pricking. 

  3. Celia

    This is so pretty! Your quilting is wonderful and it shows nicely with the back fabric you chose. Great job on the binding too.

  4. Judy

    Beautifully done! Love the texture your quilting added! Sometimes fabric just calls for those simple squares and this fabric definitely did 🙂

  5. Brenda

    I have never thought of the zig zag for the binding – and I like that idea, thank-you!!  And your quilt looks really nice. Comfy, cozy, just a really nice thing you created for yourself.  I like this, and the quilting is beautiful!

  6. Ruth

    Gorgeous quilt.  Love how simple the top is but looks so great with the fabric choices and how fabulous the quilting is!  I keep thinking about buying wonder clips – must just do it!

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