The internet is full of all kinds of inspiration. I’m inspired by tutorials and Pinterest boards. I love scrolling through Flickr to see bee blocks and swap gifts and gorgeous quilts.

There’s another kind of inspiration, too. And it’s over at Stitched in Color right now. It’s called… {the Purge}

The big question at the heart of {the Purge} is “What stops you from enjoying this hobby?”  I often worry that I spend more time trying to find places to store fabric and projects than actually sewing.  I’d like to reverse that.

I started feeling this way back in April, and I did a tiny bit of trading/unloading. Then I took out an unfinished project and put it to good use for some long arm quilting practice.

But that’s not enough.  I don’t have too much fabric to purge, but I do have several projects that I’ve just lost interest in.  Those projects clutter up my space and distract me from what does interest me right now.  A few projects I know I want to complete are tucked away safely, but I’ve brought out the rest for a quick assessment.

Project Piles 1

One step was easy: I collected fat quarters that either (1) don’t fit into enough of a monochromatic color scheme to go into my sorted-by-color stash or (2) aren’t loved enough by me to go into my I-just-love-this-print stash.  Those fat quarters are now in a new black box of pillow-backs-and-pouch-linings stash.

A few other stacks seem interesting enough to warrant attention. The leftover Loulouthi tiles will definitely get used somehow, somewhere.  They might not belong in the “purge” pile to being with. The unfinished mosaic tiles should go sew up quickly enough.  And the orphan blocks should be great for either free-motion quilting practice or maybe I’ll put them into an orphan block quilt.


I’ve yet to decide the fate of everything on the left of the picture.

I’ve already started some free-motion quilting practice with some orphan blocks, leftover batting, and backings pulled from my black box.  I’m not going to share pictures, but I definitely should have just used them in a quilt!  Wow, I need lots more FMQ practice!

Practice Blocks

My last Purge effort was to think about my Dogwood blocks.

Dogwood Blocks

This was a tough one.  Every time I thought to work on them, something else always seemed more appealing. Every time I thought of giving them away, I couldn’t stand parting with them.

My mom was cutting out a pattern at a table in my sewing area last week, and I tentatively brought out the Dogwood blocks and asked, “Would you like to use these in something?”  She was ecstatic.  She’s making a charity quilt to pair with a picnic basket package for an upcoming auction to benefit the Laughinghouse Fund.  The basket she picked has a red lining.  Suddenly, it was very easy to part with them.

I’m linking this post with Rachel at Stitched in Color’s {the Purge} link up no. 3.  My goal is to have some WIP’s to share at the next link up, and the Mosaic tiles finished by the September 12th link up for finishes (along with my already finished Clamshell and Dogwood Quilting Quilt). Anything on the left in my pile picture that doesn’t have a specific plan is going to get donated to the most convenient charity group that needs fabric or unfinished blocks!



  1. Julie

    Well done you – sorting out your purge items.  I think your Dogwood blocks are great, however even better if your Mum could use them too.

  2. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    I find it fascinating to get this peak into your stash purge, Daisy – you always seem so organized and your work space so tidy! I have a hard time imagining all these little piles hidden away. Good luck finding a solution to your uncertain piles!

  3. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    I so enjoyed this post! It’s always interesting to listen along to another’s thought process on organizing and WIP. So glad your mom wanted those Dogwood blocks. I adore them, but I’m sure I’m biased =) Wishing you great luck at working through some of your Purge this weekend!

  4. Lana

    You know, I am in the middle of purging my sewing room too…fabric used to be hard to come by and so i saved every scrap…EVERY LITTLE BIT OF IT. I have bins full now..and MUST do this…wonder if there is a good charity to send them to that could put them to better use than I am….I envy you actually getting so much done!

  5. Ruth

    I can so relate to having projects I’ve lost interest in and those I still want to finish but just don’t feel like it!  Often for me it’s about getting that project out front and centre and putting away everything else.  I love that your mum is going to use your dogwood blocks – they are gorgeous!  Better than sitting in a box!

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