There are a couple of reasons that I’m so excited about this pouch.

Umbrella Prints Pouch side 1

First, I love Umbrella Prints. I’ve been hoarding some trimmings packets and a not-so-recent FQ purchase of Floating World. They’re going into circulation as of right now, starting with this pouch.

Umbrella Prints Pouch side 2

The second reason I’m excited about this pouch is because at roughly 6×8″, this pouch holds keys, my wallet, and a phone with plenty of room to spare. It’s the perfect size. I’ve been struggling to squeeze those three things into another pouch, and my struggle is over. The new purse insert is perfect!

Umbrella Prints Pouch contents

Those covered zippered ends are the last reason this pouch makes my day today. I’ve never covered zipper ends before, but I doubt I’ll go back to my old zipper method. Covered zipper ends make such nice, neat corners!

Umbrella Prints Pouch all inside

There are tons and tons of covered zipper end tutorials on the internet. Unfortunately, I made the zipper using a tutorial that I couldn’t find when I went to finish the pouch last night. I stumbled on this Basic Pouch with Zipper Tabs tutorial from the Busy Bean which was helpful for my finish though!

Umbrella Prints Pouch filled

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  1. Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge

    I love making little pouches for my purse. It just keeps everything so much more organized. And I find it’s a really good way to use a fabric that I love, love, love without using it all up. I also tend to save scraps from quilts I really enjoyed making and make pouches out of the same fabric combo. That way I can keep enjoying the fabric, even if I have to give the quilt away as a gift!

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