Natalie at Greenleaf Goods is in charge of August’s blocks in the Love Circle at do. Good Stitches.

Framed Cabins

Natalie offered a tutorial for Improv Framed Log Cabins for this month. These blocks come together super quickly, and they were a fantastic scrap buster for long strips.

Framed Cabins 1

Each round, or “log,” consists of a bright print paired with a low volume. Each strip measures no more than 1.5″ sewn in width (and the blocks are supposed to be squared up at the end).

Framed Cabins 2

I think success with this block depends on the amount of contrast between the bright and the low volume strips.

Framed Cabins 3

This last one didn’t have quite the contrast that I wanted. I recycled a part of another block for the center, so there’s a flowery print in the low volume of the middle that isn’t as “quiet” as I’d like. Also, that Swinging from Zen Chic, while one of my all time favorites, is just a little too busy sandwiched between AMH’s Hugs and Kisses and the green Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets.

Framed Cabins 4

But the beauty of scrappy blocks and a scrappy quilt is that no one else will probably notice!

(You might, however, notice that some of my blocks aren’t square. That’s the last step in the tutorial, and I forgot to take care of that before photographing and mailing. Hopefully Natalie will forgive me!)



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