I haven’t done a Sunday Stash post in a while, but when I pulled these flannels from the wash last night, I thought it’d be nice to take a moment to say, “Hey. Color catchers rock.”

Anna Maria Horner Flannel with color catcher

I recently purchased a couple of yards of each of these Anna Maria Horner echinacea flannels from Hawthorne Threads.

I usually use Shout color catchers when I prewash flannels and the first time I wash a finished quilt. Rarely do the color catchers seem to do anything.

I washed these flannels in the same load, and when the first color catcher came out pinkish purple, I threw the flannels back in with a fresh color catcher for a second wash (both washes were on the normal setting in cold water which lasts about 50 minutes). The second color catcher came out turquoise. Both color catchers seem much more colorful in person than they do in my picture. They really worked hard!

I’ve dried the flannels, and I’m hoping that the bulk of the color bleeding is complete.

I have so much on my sewing to-do list, but I’m really struggling with pregnancy fatigue these days. I’m thinking that I might make one or two receiving blankets with this voile and flannel like Anna Maria Horner’s Little Luxuries ones here. I have enough flannel of each color to make one receiving blanket and still back another quilt.

Anna Maria Horner receiving blanket pull

I wish I had more flannel and voile from the Little Folks and Good Folks days of AMH, but I did manage to find these two voiles at the Tin Thimble in Northern California earlier this month. The yellow is from Little Folks, and I believe the blue is from Innocent Crush.

Happy Stashing!

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  1. Jehnny

    I have considered purchasing these flannels so good to know about the colour catchers! I haven’t been able to find them locally so I might have to find them online. They seem like a great thing to have around!

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