Purging is now painful.

Rachel at Stitched Color is hosting a Purge-Along this summer, and I’ve been so excited to clean out my sewing space. I definitely don’t thrive in clutter, and so far, it’s been nice to create a plan for unloved fabric and know that unfinished projects will go to good use.

But the easy parts are done. I gifted some blocks to fellow quilters and people who are quicker than I am at turning around charity quilts. I’ve been practicing free-motion quilting on some random blocks. I’ve used hard-to-place fabrics on the inside of pillow covers and have plans for the rest of them as pocket linings and wall hanging backs.

Now, I’m trudging away on a quilt that I lost interest in almost as soon as I had the pieces cut.

Mosaic Tiles block

In the quilt’s defense, it’s supposed to be made by lots of people in a bee who each mail one or two blocks to the Queen Bee for the month. I now see why. These blocks can get pretty tedious, and my duo duochromatic color scheme has lost its luster.

Mosaic Tiles block 2

I started this as part of the Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along that was hosted by Craft Buds to promote the book Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends.

Seeing several blocks come together does motivate me a little bit. My original plan was a bed quilt, but I think I’ll sew until whatever I’ve already cut has been used. Maybe a toddler quilt? Maybe a lap quilt? The deadline is September 12 (or whenever my baby makes his/her arrival), so I suppose I should get on with it!

Mosaic Tiles

Linking up with the last in-progress Purges over at Stitched in Color. The next link up is for finished projects only.


    1. Daisy

      Oh wow!  I hadn’t thought about that, but I do remember reading a lot about babies and contrast in patterned fabric.  Good point!

  1. Ruth

    I can see why this is a Bee pattern alright but it’s coming together really nicely and worth doing! I’d go for a throw size if you could persevere but a play mat would work too. I can see little cars being driven along the navy paths!

    1. Daisy

      Hee hee!  I like the idea of little cars being driven across this.  My little one currently adores anything transportation related!

  2. Anna

    I really like it. If you wanted to make it bigger easily you could put in some random large blocks of green (size of 4 of the smaller blocks)? A bit like a park amongst city gardens?

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