There’s been a lot of binding here today.


Something about this impending birth makes me motivated to quilt and finish random quilt tops that have been in my work-in-progress pile for years. My mom is convinced that all the baby girl projects are because I know I’m having a girl and am not telling anyone. The problem is that most of the baby quilts I’ve gifted in the past have needed to be either gender-neutral (for others like us who are waiting for a surprise) or boy quilts. So the pinks were cast onto the WIP pile.

For the record:
One, we really didn’t let the ultrasound tech tell us the gender.

Two, I will never go back to pinning my bindings. Clover clips are magic.

Three, pictures of all the little girl things will be popping up here soon… And hopefully one or two boy things, too. Because we really don’t know!


Linking up this very short, one-picture post with Freshly Pieced. Sometimes, it’s just nice to say “I’m still here, and still sewing!” Even though I look like Humpty Dumpty and feel like a banana slug…


  1. Michele

    I have 10 lonely clover clips and I NEED MORE! I love them.  Is this the front or the back of this quilt? I love all the negative space and would use this for either side.

  2. Margaret A

    It’s so much fun to not know which “flavor” baby you’re having! Back in the day when they didn’t do ultrasounds on a regular basis, we never knew what to expect! I love love love wonder clips and I really love the quilt you’re binding! Those diamonds that emerge from your clever piecing are wonderful, along with all that negative space. Did you use a pattern or was this one of your own lovely designs? Would love to have a go at a similar quilt for myself!

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