Rachel from Stitched in Color is in charge of September at the Love Circle of do. Good Stitches.  Through an organization called Wrap Them in Love, our circle of 10 makes quilts to benefit children living in poverty.  This month, Rachel’s having us make pink and white/cream Starbright Stars block from her Angled Class.

September do. Good Stitches fabric

It’s no secret around here that I’m not great at reading directions.

First, I cut my background white/cream diamonds the same size as my pink diamonds. They were supposed to be a different size.

September do. Good Stitches cutting

Then, as I assembled the first block, I had some problems.

September do. Good Stitches in progress

My center points were way wonky. (excuse the instagram pic.)

Oops. Those points need work...

Turns out, reading the instructions is actually helpful. Rachel does a great job explaining tips and tricks for assembling these blocks so everything lines up perfectly.

September do. Good Stitches component

I’ll never learn. I just have to jump in and try before I go back and read directions. I’m okay with that.

September do. Good Stitches points

I can’t share Rachel’s class tips specific for this six-sided star, but I can remind you that when you’re assembling blocks that have points that need protecting, it’s usually best to use an exact quarter inch seam allowance – not a scant quarter inch.

September do. Good Stitches

I can also say that if you’re interested in perfecting your angled block-making, keep close track of happenings on her website. The Angled Class is sold out, but Rachel sometimes offers her class eBooks as stand-alone items after the active class has run its course.



  1. Margaret

    These blocks are so, so pretty! You do such beautiful work!! I wanted so badly to take the Angled class, but I just don’t have the time to devote right now. I am anxiously awaiting the (hopeful) release of an e-book after the class is over. Rachel is a wonderful teacher and her designs are drool-worthy. Congratulations on the sweet addition to your family! I hope you, baby and the rest of the family are getting along well!

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