Sara requested Crazy Quilt Blocks for this month’s round of the Stashbee in Hive 3.

With a newborn and a toddler, I hardly feel like I have time to think these days – which is why I struggled a lot with these blocks. I’d sew a seam then throw laundry in. Sew another seam and go to the bathroom. Sew half a seam and then hold my sweet baby for an hour to soothe his gas pain. It’s hard to focus when I’m pulled in so many directions, and I much prefer thinking about my improv decisions rather than sewing in the “pull-scraps-from-a-brown-paper-bag” approach.

Stash Bee Hive 3 October 2

But they’re done! Since this quilt will be for her young daughter, Sara requested pinks, blues, yellows, and lots of low volume. She also asked that we aim for 16.5″ squares but leave the blocks untrimmed. Mine are definitely untrimmed…

Stash Bee Hive 3 October 1

Cheers! And may you all get more sleep than I am right now. *smile*


  1. Emily

    New born snuggles!! Enjoy them all! And your blocks look lovely and all live volumey 🙂 well done for even getting out of bed! Let alone sewing 🙂 be kind to yourself while your littlest one is so little 🙂 

  2. Michele

    I think I would have loved to have a hobby like quilting when my babies were newborns.  Sometimes I felt like the days would go by and I didn’t accomplish a single thing except feeding and changing diapers.  But a stitch here and a stitch there feels like a win!  Now I’m trying to ignore the fact that they are throwing food at each other while I try to get those stitches in 😉 

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