As promised, here’s the second, and correct, batch of Scrappy Triangles for the October round of the charity quilt bee do. Good Stitches. These have already made their way to Jacey, but I thought I’d add some pictures here.

Scrappy Triangles Bow Ties

You can see in the photos that I got a little excited arranging these blocks in various ways. There are the bow ties or butterflies above, and the sort of chevron approach below.

Scrappy Triangles Chevron

I like the idea of making wonky, or lopsided, squares out of the little scrap triangles… And then some more exact squares.

Scrappy Triangles Wonky SquareScrappy Triangles Square

And then the colors… I arranged a few green scraps in the middle… And then some blues.

Scrappy Triangles Green Scrappy Triangles Blues

I made a quilt as part of a guild challenge that used this block. I used a more monochromatic color scheme (blue), but I think I’d like to go scrap-crazy on another one of these. I want to pick a bright, non-neutral color for the background – maybe yellow? or blue?, and then just let the scraps fall where they may. So much to sew, so little time…



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