I’ve been looking for a fun scrap project for these Umbrella Prints trimmings and remnants.

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 1

I found an absolutely fabulous block over at Madame Parfait’s  The Parfait Cafe.  I mean it.  The first time I saw this block I fell in love.

She calls it… Diamond Blossom.

Before she disappeared from the blogosphere in 2012, Madame Parfait said she would be posting tutorials for her block designs.  Even though she didn’t get around to posting those tutorials, the fact that she intended to make a tutorial suggests to me that she wouldn’t mind it if there were other Diamond Blossom blocks running around the universe.

So I made one.*

Or tried.

Right about here, I realize I’d made a mistake.

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 2

I kept going and finished the rest of my wedges anyway. I then made another mistake in the green section. Oops!

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 3

The original, and maybe less obvious mistake is that my wedges have background fabric on either side so when joined, there will be too much background between the wedges – it should be the same width as what’s separating the diamonds.

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 4

I haven’t decided if I’ll fix the green and join the wedges anyway, or if I’ll trim one side of each wedge and reattach a wider background piece on the other side.

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 5

This will be a work-in-progress for a while because I need to set it aside and do other things right now. I plan to use the Diamond Blossom pattern in a scrap challenge, and this was just a trial run.

I’m also going to squirrel away these trimmings-of-trimmings. I haven’t done much raw edge appliqué, but I think these would be perfect to play with when I do.

Umbrella Prints Diamon Blossom 6


*I have immense respect for other quilters’ original works, and I will not release any paper piecing template, even for free, unless the design is my own or I have the original designer’s permission to do so.  I love giving credit to the people who inspire me.

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  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    Paper piecing complicated work like this always takes me a time or three all the way through to get confidence enough that I am doing it right. Then I go to sleep and the process starts over! Seriously, though, this looks great, and I think a few small tweaks and you’ll have something stunning.

  2. Heather

    Think of your ‘mistakes’ as happy accidents, which now mean you have in fact designed your own original block. Love Umbrella Prints trimings. 

  3. Sarah

    I think your mistakes actually enhance the piece. A little surprise in the green section and a little extra breathing room really work here. It’s going to turn out beautiful. 😀

  4. Sarah Schraw

    That is an awesome block! I bet a lot of people would be interested in it if you released it. Maybe trying emailing Ms. Parfait for permission? If she’s moved on to other things she might not mind.  

  5. Shelley

    Wow! What a gorgeous block.  The colors are so lovely and perfectly autumn!  You’re inspiring me to try paper piecing for sure.

  6. Kelsey

    This is beautiful! The grey you used as leading works gorgeously with your prints. Also…are you a part of the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild? I just moved to the Raleigh area in August, and it didn’t occur to me until now to see if there was a chapter down here. I may have stumbled across your site from the list of member blogs. How often do y’all meet?

  7. Vera

    Looks great and a bit familiar to me. I might have similar block saved somewhere in my broken computer 🙂 so I can not look that up and it might be actually the original one you linking up to 🙂

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