Scrap Challenge

Heather at Lark Cottons and Rachel at Stitched Color recently teamed up for a scrap challenge on Rachel’s blog.  The challenge?  Make something using all 16 scrap fabrics in a dottie bundle of fat sixteenths, plus fabrics of your own if desired.  The only requirement was that we had to use a little or a lot of each one of the scrap fabrics.

I’d never made a rainbow anything before, and this bundle seemed like the perfect opportunity to try. They’re just scraps, right?  It’s not that rainbows are difficult to create; it’s that I just thought they were hokey until I saw some fantastic color spectrum projects in the blogosphere. Case in point: as soon as I saw this Diamond Blossom Block by Madame Parfait, I knew I had to make one myself.

Scrap Challenge Diamond Blossom

I was nervous to piece the blossom, so I made my own paper piecing pattern.

To be honest, I really struggled, and I don’t quite have the star shape as precise as I want it.  That’s frustrating, but at the same time, I love puzzles and games, and the process of achieving the precision of the original block has been a lot of fun.

Scrap Challenge Create

Lately, “Create” has been on my mind a lot. It’s a strong verb.  It’s a call to action.  It’s what now echoes in my head when I start to doubt myself. “Go make something… Just do it… Create.”

Conveniently, Quiet Play has a free download for paper piecing this very word in her Craftsy shop. (Psssst… she’s also having a 20% off sale right now to celebrate 75,000 downloads – WHOA. That’s a lot of downloads!  Go get some great patterns!)

Scrap Challenge Diamond Blossom Detail

Even though my star still needs some improvements, the binding had two happy accidents.  I strategically placed the colors in the binding, but I didn’t plan for the colors to change at two of the corners.

Scrap Challenge Corner 1            Scrap Challenge Corner 2

I enjoy the effect, and I’d like to try this again sometime – on purpose!

I put pockets in the upper corners so I can use a dowel to hang the quilt, and after forgetting on the last couple of projects, I finally remembered to put a label under the binding of this one.

Scrap Challenge Back

As I pieced the diamond blossom, off cuts landed in a pretty pile of snippets on my cutting table. I couldn’t bear to put them in the garbage.   I started to think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to use the scraps of the scraps!??!”

Scrap Challenge Improv

I’ll post pictures of my process later this week. But, I’ll share now that I had a blast using the snippets, a little steam-a-seam, and some quilting to tack down a confetti of color on this mini quilt!

Scrap Challenge Improv Detail

This was my first time matchstick quilting, and I might have actually giggled as I laid down all that thread.  It was such fun! I have a habit of under quilting.  I get so scared of doing the wrong thing that I often just do the minimal amount of quilting required.

Scrap Challenge Improv Quilting

People in the blogoverse and on Instagram rave about matchstick quilting.  The texture on the front and the back is every bit as wonderful as they say it is. 

I solemnly vow to approach quilting with new reckless abandon. CREATE CREATE CREATE!

Scrap Challenge Improv Back

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Heather and Rachel – this challenge motivated me to try some new things! (And I didn’t even talk about the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever used polka dots before!)

Now head on over to Stitched in Color to see how the other participants challenged themselves, and grab the bundle at Lark Cottons to challenge yourself, too!


The Create Blossom Diamond wall hanging is around 28’x23″ and is backed in a unknown yellow fabric from my stash.  The Confetti wall hanging is backed in Kaffe Fassett, and bound in an out of print text fabric from Basic Grey for Moda. Both wall hangings use Essex Linen in Olive for the background neutral.


  1. Mareenchen

    Wonderful! It’s come out great… and the next one will line up perfectly, I’m sure. Anyway, it’s sweet to see how you’ve challenged yourself and enjoyed the process so much. I just made my life more complicated by piecing many stars and snowflakes without paper piecing – we all find a way to keep ourselves busy and worried, don’t we? 😉

  2. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    This turned out so well, Daisy! I love that it pushed you to try new things, and it turned out fabulous. I am a sucker for quilted texture, and I love how the matchstick quilting works for you on these. Create. Such a powerful message.

  3. Dianne

    This is a beautiful mini quilt! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I went to Madame Parfait’s blog to see if there was a tutorial but she hasn’t posted one or anything else it seems, for quite some time.
    Do you know if she moved to another blog address or has she just stopped blogging?

    1. Daisy

      Hi Dianne!  I, too, looked for a tutorial and couldn’t find one.  I also contacted Madame Parfait to see if she’d be comfortable with my releasing a paper piecing pattern.  I haven’t heard from her, but another reader just sent me a link to someone else who put together a tutorial for piecing this block.  

  4. SarahZ

    2 super cute quilts! I love that the challenge was indeed a challenge, and you have so much to show for rising to it! I love the dots with the linen, too!

    1. Daisy

      Thanks, Sarah!  I’m starting to look at all my fabric and ask which linen I want to pair with it.  Linen compliments so many different fabrics!

  5. Ruth

    Looks really lovely – I’m quite fond of rainbows in quilts and come back to them time and time again. Love the lettering – a really nice touch!

  6. suzanna

    I love (love!) your blossom quilt. Your idea to paper piece is brilliant. Having worked on a diamond quilt where each was cut of a different fabric and neutral strips were sewn between each, I know how difficult it can be to get them accurately aligned.

    Now I can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

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