I dream of a house with lots of quilted wall hangings.

And I just joined two mini quilt swaps.

And I want to give mini quilts as Christmas gifts.

There are going to be a lot of minis around here from now on.

improv mini quilt

This one started as an improv panel for another project. That project went in a different direction, and I decided that this improv panel had scraps from some of my favorite projects – or just scraps from some of my favorite fabrics. I couldn’t let it languish in my work-in-progress pile any longer.  The fabrics needed to be out where I can see them!

Like this Hive in Turquoise from Patty Young’s Flora and Fauna line. I don’t know why those little pink bees speak to me so, but they do. I have no idea what scrap pack of mine had this single charm square in it, but I’m excited to have this little snippet of that square on my wall now.


The little spider web and birds are from Lauren and Jessi Jung’s Botany line which I used in my first “big” quilt. (meaning, my first quilt that would cover a normal-sized human and not just a baby human.)


This keepsake mini was a bit of an accident, but I’d like to start a separate little bag of scraps that contain one or two pieces from favorite projects. Then, after I’ve sent off the project to a swap or given it away as a birthday/baby/wedding gift, I can take those little scraps, improv them into a mini, and have a visual reminder of some of the things I’ve made.

But right now, I should be working on a bee block instead of blogging this finish. Plus, I’m already up way past my bedtime – I should go dream some more of that house full of mini quilts…


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  1. Laurie

    I love this idea of having a nice keepsake that reminds you of handmade gifts.  Awesome!  Oh and I love the hive fabric too- I received several blenders from that (quite old now) line and they have worked in SO many projects.

  2. Ella

    I’m thinking 2015 may start as the year of the scrap.  I have a laundry bin full of them.
    Love love love the orange binding on this one.

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