When I saw this quilt at my local quilt guild meeting years ago, I gawked and stared and marveled at how strongly the color and design spoke to me.  I absolutely loved the Good Folks line of fabric.  At the time, I didn’t know the supply of certain fabrics was limited.  I didn’t realize fabric was something you could collect (ahem… hoard).

So I missed it.  I never had any.

Good Folks gift

Until this showed up at my house.

I asked a friend if she had any Good Folks scraps she’d be wiling to part with.  She’s collected fabrics for years, and her stash is epic. She’s a big Anna Maria Horner fan, so I thought she might have a few pieces leftover from projects.

I had no idea she would be this generous.
Good Folks spread 3

I undid the bundle and almost fell over at how much gorgeousness could fit on my cutting table.

Good Folks spread 2

I had planned on taking her scraps and putting together a little improv wall hanging like the one I posted last week, but I could actually make a quilt with this!  There are several pieces I don’t recognize that are from some of Anna Maria’s earlier lines, but I haven’t bothered to look them up yet.  I just stare.  And stare.  And then touch them. And then stare some more.

Good Folks spread

Now I’m stumped.  I have no idea what I’ll do, so I’ve stacked them all back up and tucked them away safely for the moment.  I need to think before cutting.

Good Folks stack

Jacquie Gering added a message to the end of December’s Modern Quilt Guild members newsletter. I hope it’s okay to share one small part of it here.

“It seems the right time of year to reflect on why we quilt and what the art and craft of quilting gives back to us. Take a minute to remember, appreciate and delight in the gift of being a quilter.”

This gift. These fabrics. This friend.  All my quilty friends.  The community in the quilts I receive. The love I put into the quilts I’ve given. The beauty. The color. The warmth. The kindness. The inspiration. The chance to feel like an artist.

This is why I quilt.

I’m eagerly awaiting the February release of Anna Maria’s Folk Song line where she’ll re-release many of her fabrics from the Good Folks collection. I couldn’t find a preview on her website, but you can check out the collection at Hawthorne Threads and other online shops!


  1. Sarah Schraw

    WOAH. What an amazing gift! I understand the urge to use it carefully (the way I use my Katie Jump Rope!) but I am also really excited to see you use it! Maybe with a little less restraint due to the re-release??  

  2. Laurel

    What an amazing and generous gift! And, so true…quilting is such a gift. Also, so funny, but that is me and my quilt in the picture you linked to. : ) It totally took me by surprise as I didn’t remember that picture being taken. I, unfortunately, only ever made it to a couple of guild meetings way back then, and am still trying to get back!! Anyway, thanks for sharing. I know you will do something wonderful with those lovely fabrics. Enjoy!

  3. Jeana

    ohhhhh. OH. We must have started sewing around the same time – I missed out on Good Folks and have spent the last several years having my jaw drop when I see various quilts and then see it was made with Good Folks. It is absolutely my favorite line EVER and I am so happy for you to have the chance to sew with these! I’m excited about the limited re-release… and actually considering paying some of those insane prices to put together a scrap collection. although I worry I’d never use them because I’d be so scared of messing it up… I can’t wait to see what you make with these, I love your style. I also now buy ALL AMH collections because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t!

  4. jen h

    Friendship is the true gift!  Thanks for yours and for the sweet words….glad you love the pretties! 🙂

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