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This is my first time participating in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day. If it’s your first time visiting my blog, I hope you’ll stay a while and see some of the things I’ve made (check out the category link in the navigation to your left!) There’s mostly piecing and quilting here, with the occasional sewn bag or craft.  You can find me on Instagram and Flickr as antstosugar, and I’ve got a few paper piecing patterns in my Craftsy shop.

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

I know there are many giveaways to enter, so in case you need to hurry along, I’ve pulled some of my favorite pictures to share with you.  If  you like what you see, I’d be delighted to have you follow me (bloglovin’ and feedly buttons to your left!)


Mosaic Tiles quilt pattern by Suki. Create pattern is from Kristi at Quiet Play.


Housewares Quilt pattern at top right is by Lizzy House. Penny Sampler pattern at bottom right is by Rachel at Stitched in Color.

I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of my favorite places to shop for fabric, Hawthorne Threads. They have a broad selection, immediate and effective customer service, and the quickest shipping of any place I’ve shopped. When I considered what I wanted to give away, my first thought was to give something that I’d like to get – so a little shopping money for Hawthorne Threads is it!

Hawthorne Threads Gift Certificate for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about inspiration and where it comes from, so to enter this giveaway, I’d like you to satisfy my curiosity: What motivates you to create?  Where do you find inspiration? Leave a comment and make sure I’m able to get ahold of you if you win.  If you’re a follower, leave a second comment telling me how you follow.

This giveaway is open to US and international participants.  The giveaway will be open until midnight EST Friday 12/12 when I’ll select the winner randomly with random.org. I’ll announce and email the winner on Sunday 12/14.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Paige

    Hmmm, I get a lot of inspiration from the usual places. Pinterest. Instagram, Flickr. Blogs. I’m mostly about the product and finish one thing before moving on to the next. I don’t keep much of a stash at all so I shop as I create. 

  2. Theresa E

    I am usually inspired by the recipient of whatever I am making.  Even if I am making something for our house I am inspired by my family to make something they love.

  3. Jennie T.

    Wow, I’ve never thought much about where the motivation comes from. I think it’s always there, that desire to create something beautiful. I’m a pastry chef by training, and I’ve loved to create something amazing out of nothing since I was small. To take basic ingredients and make something delicious is so much fun! That has translated to quilt design.

    Inspiration is everywhere. I stare at floor tiles and leaded glass windows. It’s fun!

  4. Terry D

    I get my motivation either by “shopping my stash” or by seeing a picture of something made by someone else either on IG, in a post, etc.  Basically, by looking around.  I find that I need to be in a peaceful state of mind to Start a new project, but only need to have time to either continue or finish one.  Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  5. Elizabeth

    My two daughters are my muses for children’s clothing sewing.  I try to balance making useful versus frilly things for them.  As for myself I find  a lot of inspiration on pinterest or simply looking through pattern books!  Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    My inspiration to create comes from all over. Usually it is focused on the person I am creating for – I will even tailor a playlist of music to work to if I know the person well enough. I am also driven to create because I can occasionally find that really zen place of meditative quiet in my busy, busy brain when I am working on a creative task.

  7. Mareenchen

    Hmm, I love how sewing keeps me busy whilst also helping me to wind down. I took it up whilst still studying – so it was a welcome diversion, less top-heavy. Inspiration can come from anywhere – pictures, colour combinations, pretty clothes, blogland.

  8. Stephanie

    Inspiration to create comes to me through the desire to have something of my own. Many times my life is so filled with babies and chores and love but creating something is just for me, mine. I get to decide what I’d like to make for someone and the time and fabric becomes the tangible inspiration.

    I love your style and all of your work and I’m thankful that you’ve taken the time to be a part of giveaway day. 

  9. Beth

    Most of the things I create are gifts for my loved ones, I find Inspiration when thinking about that person I am creating for. I also find inspiration through others.

  10. Pam Perkins

    Motivation to create comes from within.  I get inspired looking at instagram and other websites.

  11. Camille

    I’m motivated by the love of my family and friends.  Giving them a piece of me, by giving them something I create is the best gift of all.  I look at quilting as I look at my life.  Quilting is cutting up pieces of fabric and putting them together again with purpose and direction.  Isn’t that what we’re all doing with out lives?  Our experiences and trials, cut us up only to be put back together again with love and patience into something more beautiful than the original fabric.  Thanks for the giveaway chance.  Camille@focus20.com

  12. Meredith

    I’m usually inspired by the colors in a fabric I see or a design I see on a blog somewhere. I’m always fascinated by what originally inspired the project and how the project turns out. Sometimes you’d never know it was inspired by the thing that started it all! 🙂

  13. Chris C.

    I hate just sitting still, so I always have to have some kind of project going. In terms of inspiration for specific projects, I tend to be inspired by other people’s projects that I see on blogs, ravelry, or pinterest. Sometimes I buy the exact pattern they used. Sometimes I just use their project as a jumping-off point for my own creation.

  14. Gwen M

    What motivates me to create is the process itself – it gives me peace and rejuvenates me.
    I’m inspired by nature.

  15. Erica

    I get a lot of inspiration online; usually I will see something and think “_____ would love that so much, I want to make it!” but lately people have been asking “can you make me something like _____” and that is fun, too, because they give me an inspiration but I bring it to life.

  16. Sara

    When I am lacking inspiration I go outside and study beauty in nature. Fresh air, sunshine, and God’s creation always re-energize me. 

  17. Teresa

    I don’t really know what inspires me-it’s more of a need. I need a skirt? I make it. I need something to occupy my time? I make something.

  18. Lindsay

    I’m not sure what motivates me, I’m just kind of compelled to create. If I don’t, I’m not myself. As for inspiration… it’s a double edged sword, there is almost too much inspiration out there! I read blogs, use Pinterest voraciously but sometimes my best inspiration comes from just sitting in my sewing space and working with what i have.

  19. bee

    i get inspired by what others are crating, going to shows and then just wanting to make quilts for myself!

  20. Snow

    Inspiration is tricky. Sometimes I get inspired by the fabric or a particular pattern. Sometimes I just dive in, without needing anything more than the desire to MAKE.

  21. Fran Bott

    Pinterest is my greatest inspiration. I see what everyone else is making and I have to jump into it also.

  22. Nina

    I love to make things just how I want them, rather than having to buy something not-quite-right. One of my favourite places to “shop” for inspiration is the British company Toast (www.toast.co.uk) – beautiful clothes that I can’t afford to buy but that are often simple enough to imitate.

  23. Colleen

    My inspiraton comes from all over – blogs, pinterest, my garden, my daughter. Sometimes things just pop into my head and won’t go away until I follow through on the idea.

  24. NancyM

    I’m inspired by the amazing work of fellow quilters, artists, seamstresses, and all those who create!

  25. Jordan L

    I am often inspired by other peoples created projects or different art pieces, I keep my stash out too so I can be inspired by the colors and it totally works!

  26. Kate

    I have always loved making things, so my motivation must just be natural — but inspiration I love to look at all kinds of blogs, not just sewing!

  27. Jane B

    My inspiration is from so many places, but “bottom line” its the gorgeous fabrics from brand new designers to vintage scraps!

  28. Chiska

    Mostly it’s the people I sew for.  Once in a while I see a technique that I just want to try and then that inspires me.

  29. JLVerde

    I do a lot of trades with friends, so I tend to springboard off of our trade themes and make more of the same theme for myself after the fact.  Or I get inspired by what they give me.

  30. Buffy

    I’m motivated by the itch of sitting still. If I have not created something in awhile, I get antsy to MAKE. Love Hawthorn Threads!

  31. Lee Ann L.

    passion of the past and family.  I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember and quilting is just a natural progression to keep on creating things.

  32. Marilyn

    My motivation is just my love of sewing but inspiration can come from anywhere…colors from nature, lines from architecture, etc.

  33. Louisa S.

    Thanks for hosting a lovely giveaway! I find a lot of inspiration browsing in shops.. especially used book shops and at my local fabric re-use store. Something about the way objects are arranged in these places helps me find new connections between ideas and gets me excited about new combinations of colors and textures.

  34. katie yoakum

    I find a lot of my inspiration from reading blogs and from pinterest (which usually routes me back to blogs. 

  35. Barbara Macey

    I am usually motivated by the person receiving the project plus, being military we’ve lived all over the world & I’ve many photo’s to inspire & “jog” the imagination.  However, lately, I’ve been totally inspired by the new, modern quilt movement.

    I follow on e-mail & Bloglovin.

  36. Corinne

    I get inspiration everywhere…whether its the architecture of a building, the pattern of a carpet tile, or graphic design elements I come across during my 9 to 5.

  37. Andrea

    Inspiration seems to strike at the oddest times. It can be the shapes that shadows make, patterns in a tile floor, or seeing colors together. Of course I also find it in the usual places: blogs, Flickr, magazines, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Connie J

    My motivation to create comes from my kids.. I love to make things for them.
    My inspiration often comes from Pinterest. Being able to link to all kinds of creative people is very inspiring.

  39. gramk2001

    When i see a lovely fabric and it makes me feel something….i want to make it into something that reflects both the fabric and myself.   I can capture that feeling forever.      Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  40. Sara Nixon

    sometimes its obligation to an order or a gift or a bee but I love to just sit and create something for no reason other than the love of sewing. I like to look at instagram and blogs for inspiration too.

  41. Sarah

    I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest- not just from quilts, but also from graphic design posters and such.

  42. Lindsay

    When it comes to quilting, it is usually the fabric and colors that inspire me, but I find a lot of inspiration online, too.

  43. Audrey

    Blogs and fabric shops are such wonderful places for inspiration. I love walking into a shop and seeing how they’ve arranged bolts–oftentimes in combinations that I wouldn’t have considered. So awesome!

  44. Heather

    I get so much inspiration from reading blogs and seeing what other quilters are up to.  And my other inspiration comes from nature, the beautiful colors outside never cease to amaze me.

  45. sue

    I’m motivated by a looming deadline. I can be inspired by blogs, but actually don’t get off my tush until the last possible moment.

  46. Kim S.

    Love all of your work! My inspiration to create comes from something inside — I don’t feel whole unless I’m making something with my hands. Lately, I’ve really been inspired by modern artists, and trying to incorporate some of those ideas/concepts into my quilts — I’m enjoying the experimentation!

  47. Tina

    I geht a lot of my inspiration from Facebook sewing groups. 
    So many fantastic, talented ladies in one spot….

    Thanks for the great give away,

  48. Seana

    My inspiration is usually something I see either in a sewing or fashion blog, I get motivated knowing I can do it myself to fit myself usually cheaper than I could buy and better quality.

  49. Kristen Jones

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE LOVE Hawthorne Threads! Have you seen their “Calliope” fabric? So super cute! I have my fingers crossed so hard that I win this Gift Certificate. I am usually inspired by blogs….Yep! You women and few men that do the blogs have “taught” me to sew and to quilt! I wouldn’t be able to do any of it with out ya’ll. I just started about a year ago making little zipper bags for my daughter. Then I moved on to a rag quilt. Well after that I was HOOKED. I love quilting. Now I have only 3 quilts under my belt because I’m still very slowwww. Not sure if that will ever change but I really hope I get faster! LOL. Thanks so much for the chance to win this! Its the best prize out there! WHoo HOO for Hawthorne Threads!

  50. Olivia

    I’m motivated by bloggers and what I see on Pinterest. I think I can make it if I see it. I also create a lot for my boys!

  51. Claudia TN

    My day job is copy editing, so there’s not chance for creativity there. My motivation to create is to engage my brain and use my hands to make something pretty. Love your quilts from large to small. So creative!

  52. Lia

    I’m not really sure how I get inspired, sometimes it just tickles me and I NEED to sew. And then sometimes I see things that inspire me to make something 🙂 And then I can go weeks without sewing lol!

    Thanks so much for your giveaway! 

  53. Karen

    Thanks for hosting this give away.  My motivation is usually the recipient.  I almost always know who i am giving my creations too ahead of time. 
    Mrscummings2u at Gmail dot com 

  54. Renee

    Comes from all over, I guess.  I think it just depends on what I’m open to being my inspiration, if that makes sense.  My biggest inspirations have been my friend Jessica–she died of Ewings sarcoma two years ago, and I’ve made two quilts in her name and planning another one soon.  My kids inspire me too, their love for things is so contagious!

  55. Marcia Oz

    My inspiration comes from lots of places…the person I am planning on giving the item to, blogs such as yours, photos in magazines. I find tons of inspiration in nature as well.

  56. Tabitha Keener

    Color seems to be my first motivation to create and then pattern and what I can actually make. I’m still fairly new, so I keep practicing until hopefully I’ll get close to perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!


  57. Clare

    I create because it relaxes me, lets my brain move along some unexpected pathways and because I’ve always loved working with my hands.

  58. Anna Fournelle

    My loved ones motivate me. Giving is a big part of how I love so I make and give. When there is someone special I want to make for I then go to my Pinterest boards to get ideas on what might suit them. It’s the most time-consuming part for me but my favorite part – finding the perfect fabrics paired with the right pattern.

  59. Bronwen

    At the moment my motivation I create revolves around my one year old. I have returned to sewing because I want to create things for her that are differen and in some small way demonstrate how much I adore her!! The process of remembering (I haven’t really seen since adulthood) is sometimes challenging but I’m really enjoying it! Oh, and I’ve been a follower on bloglovin for some time now. Thank you for Sharon your beautiful work! 

  60. Afton

    I’m inspired by so many things: seeing other beautiful quilts, my family and loved ones, the need to feel productive and express myself, enjoyment of the process…

  61. Chelsea Huckins

    I find inspiration everywhere.  But mostly I ask myself how can I make things better, what will give this a better color, better design.  Inspiration is more like improving/combining something that already exists. 

  62. Cheri

    I get inspiration from people like you and their blogs. So many different things and ways to quilt…so many different patterns and ideas I love surfing blogs!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. SS

    I find a lot of inspiration in the beautiful work I see in blogs – sometimes I get so caught up in looking that I forget to step away and create!

  64. Cheryl

    I often need to know who I am creating for- although sometimes a fence, tile, or even a truck can be very inspiring!

  65. Jane

    I can’t say that there’s any one thing that motivates me to create.  I’ve spent a lot of time being trained as a historian, and I think that a lot of it is leaving something physical behind that’s not in a landfill.  So much of what we buy gets thrown out after a relatively short period of time.  I’m hoping my quilts might be keeping people warm or decorating people’s houses for another 100 years.

  66. Kat

    Sometimes all it takes is a pretty leaf on the sidewalk, but pinterest and blogland help a lot, too. 😉
    Happy christmas greetings from Germany!

  67. Michelle Smith

    I get inspiration from all of the wonderful bloggers that I have discovered!

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  68. Tiffany

    I feel like I’m starting to become old fashioned, but I get most of my inspiration from blogs. I’ve got hundreds of them in my bloglovin feed. 🙂

  69. Louisa

    I like the creative process, I love the finished product, where I say “I made this.” I get inspired by what floats through the mind…

  70. Susan

    I am motivated by what I see on Flickr, Instagram  and need if I need a gift for someone I think about what they would like.

  71. Cherise

    My girls motivate me to create! I’m always thinking of them- wanting to make something cute for them! Also, the blogs that I read- all you bloggers are amazing! You have such amazing ideas that I want to try! THanks for the giveaway!

  72. Elena

    I get a lot of inspiration by looking at blogs and pinterest to see what others have done. I’m also inspired by color and color combinations–in a box of crayons, fabric, nature.

  73. Suzie

    I could write an essay to answer this question! So many replies – it could be the need for something, it could be something I see in the shops or online, it could be just be a random thought while walking the dog, it might be nature, a painting or the tools and fabric I have to hand. Inspiration is all around us – we only have to look.

  74. Lori Smanski

    I find inspiration in nature and animals. I like to go off of what the person likes. I love to give to others.

  75. Nicola

    Hi, I sew (and spend a lot of time thinking about sewing) because I find it a creative outlet and also therapeutic.  It’s also to make something individual, that will hopefully have a better fit than an item of clothing bought, but also in a fabric of choice.  Many thanks.

  76. Brie

    Creating makes me feel good. I find inspiration all around me. I really like tile patterns. I will see patterns on tv and pause the tv and take a picture of it so I can remember the pattern later 🙂

  77. Jody

    I get inspiration all around me…my kids, nature, art, Instagram, Pinterest, flickr, blogs….thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  78. Margaret

    Not sure where my motivation comes from, but my inspiration comes from looking at pictures of nature, geometric patterns, etc.

  79. Lisa Marie

    I am motivated by the desire to make gifts for my family and friends, by things I see online and in print,  and by so much beautiful fabric.

  80. Andrea S.

    I sew because of a desperate need to relax and unwind after spending all day having fun with my wonderful three small children! 

  81. EmSewCrazy

    What inspires me? To get something I can’t find in the stores!
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  82. Emily C

    My inspiration comes from magazines and blogs. I like to roam and find things that others have made that I can change and make my own.

  83. Angelia L.

    I get all my motivation and inspiration from the talented designers and amazing blogs that I follow.  

  84. Kate Yates

    I think my day job motivates me to create! I love my job, but it’s nice to have a creative outlet, and something to look forward to when I get home from work. I think of ideas all day long, and can’t wait to make things at home!

  85. Siobhan

    This sounds very un-creative but I think my main inspiration to create is my need to be productive! I love doing things and hate being idle. Crafting means I’ve always got a job to do with a great reward at the end. Plus it keeps me sane!

  86. Penny R

    What motivates me to create – architecture, Instagram, quilt shows, show & tell at quilt meetings. 

  87. Cynthia Brunz

    I love to create a beautiful project from a pile of bits of color. I am inspired by the colors I see in nature and the designs I see in my daily life. Thanks for the chance!

  88. Cassandra Martinez

    My family motivates me the most. I love to create for them! As well, the Instagram community has inspired me tremendously to tackle new techniques and expand my skills. I love being challenged!

  89. Kayla

    I get inspired by other people creating and the things around me. It’s amazing how many details you see in buildings as you walk by that could become an amazing quilt. You just have to stop and look!

  90. DebV

    I am motivated by reading blogs.  Of course I have more plans for quilts than time, but it is fun to look at them all.

  91. Karen

    i find inspiration everywhere. blogs and books are rich sources. I get inspired when i challenge myself.

  92. Ariel

    What a fun giveaway! I often am inspired by the blogs/people I follow. I love a good challenge so when I see something that is just out of my comfort zone, I’m all that more motivated to try it out. – trekkiechick29(at)gmail(dot)com

  93. Kat H

    Oooh, hard question! I guess I get motivation from everywhere. I mainly sew clothing, so I get inspired by patterns, by seeing what other people make (reading blogs is dangerous for my budget, haha!), by vintage patterns, by people on the street… Everything! Creating feeds my need for creativity and doing something manually as well – I work in an office job, so if I didn’t sew, I’d need to find some other outlet for those.

  94. Charity

    I am usually inspired by others work… One quilt idea leads to another. I will put my own spin on things, sometimes I build on a color combination that strikes me, or I like the way someone set their blocks and I will use that idea in something totally different. I borrow bits and pieces and mix them all up into something that screams “me.”

  95. Dianne Whittle

    The Internet has opened up my crafty world and given me so much inspiration. I love seeing the creativity of so many people from all over the world, reading their blogs or following them on Instagram. I have seen so many projects I need to make.

  96. Debra Kay Neiman

    Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! I get a lot of inspiration from all the “eye candy” on these blogs. Love the paper pieced airliner block by the way. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  97. T Hays

    I get my best inspiration and motivation from the ladies in my quilt guild. We are constantly getting together during open sew days and mini groups and are constantly sharing ideas and such. Best part is when we share what we have finished during our “Show and Tell” after our quilt meetings. Great inspiration!

  98. Bess

    Necessity definitely sparks my creativity, and I almost like to have very limited options for what needs creating – it really forces me to think outside of the box. 🙂  Fabulous giveaway!

  99. Rebecca

    My inspiration comes from color combinations I see in various places and whenever I see art of any kind that moves me somehow. 

  100. Pam S

    My inspiration comes from thinking about whatever person I’m making a gift for. Thanks for your lovely blog and this generous giveaway!

  101. --anu

    I’d say that my main motivator is internal drive. I just need to make things. Recently we went for a week in Oregon State Parks. None of them had internet or even phone signal and I had brought some reading but nothing visually appealing. And yet I felt the need to pick up my needles and knit. And sew (I hand sewed a button up blouse for my 9yo daughter). I don’t need to look for inspiration. I find that pinterest and blogs work almost like antiinspiration – too much stimulus and perfection. I come up with better ideas when my computer has been off for a while.

  102. marjolein

    my motivation? i’m sitting at a desk all day at work, so love to create something at night. And i mostly sew for my kids, haven’t dared to sew much for myself.

  103. Aukje

    Hi, I love to sew to make original things. I get my inspiration from pinterest, a place full of interesting projects

  104. Audrey

    I’m inspired by blogs I follow, Instagram photos and nature, but I think I take off when a color combo stirs my heart.

  105. Audrey

    I’ve followed you on Bloglovin since Rachel mentioned you at Stitched in Color. I follow you on Instagram too.

  106. Allison Evrard

    I think seeing beautiful quilts is my inspiration. How can one not be inspired by the creative work of others!

  107. Tas

    I am not sure what inspires but I have a need to be creative- sewing, knitting, cooking., crafting. I feel lost without it.

  108. Dana

    My 2 girls inspire me everyday- they are the ones that also inspire me to sew- once they go to my fabrics and says “I want a dress from THIS” 🙁 Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  109. Dorian

    I love making things for my family and friends. To see their faces when given a home made gift. Something that was made for them, with them in mind…their favorite colors or something that will be useful to them. I find inspiration in blogs, books, magazines, the colors in nature or paintings…it’s everywhere! Thanks for the great giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  110. Jodi R

    I find it difficult to pin down my “Inspiration” it varies from project to project but I guess it always is about creating something of beauty that will last beyond me. Something that will delight the recipient or something that will brighten and beautify.

  111. Jenny

    lately i find inspiration in children’s book illustrations. have you ever noticed how many quilts are in kids books? i love it! thanks for a chance at your generous giveaway

  112. Marika

    My inspiration comes from everything I see (and there is SO much to see). I find it in the fabrics I like, in colors, patterns, etc. 

  113. Taryn

    I mostly get inspired when my mind is clear, during mundane tasks.  The thing that inspires me the most is other artist’s work.

  114. Rachel

    I am most often inspired by the person that will receive the piece. I love making something just right for someone. If there’s no person decided at the beginning, then I tend to be inspired by color. To quote a small child, “my favorite color is rainbow” 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. dana

    I like things to be beautiful and useful.  I have been a bit stuck in the mud creatively.  But just thinking about new colors and patterns gets me excited! 

  116. Lauren S

    I am inspired by my daughter, fabric, colors, books and Pinterest LOL!!! I am motivated by my daughter and the feeling of creating something unique and special!!! Thank you!!!

  117. Michele Timms

    It’s hard to say what inspires me… fabric that I see and patterns that I come across on blogland! I also love to make quilted gifts to celebrate special occasions like big birthdays, new babies, graduations, and weddings, so whomever I am making the quilt for I am deciding on a pattern and fabric that is perfect for them!!

  118. Kristy

    The majority of the sewing I do is inspired by a need that I can fill through my enjoyment of sewing. I mostly love sewing dolls and stuffed friends for children in foster care through an ongoing project on my blog knows as the FLUFF Project. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway! 

  119. Beth R.

    I find inspiration from many places. Pinterest, beautiful fabric, colors, necessity, and the many talented people’s blogs that I read!

  120. Lissa

    I am inspired by all sorts of things from the beautiful pictures of others quilts in blogs or on Instagram to the the last late blooming rose I see walking to class every morning to talking about colors with my mom 🙂 Thanks for hosting and your pictures are inspirational!

  121. Paula

    I get my inspiration from fabrics I have on hand and from looking at other peoples stuff. So many great ideas out there!

  122. Carla G

    Alot of my inspiration is from quilting blogs & scrolling through facebook looking at all the awesome projects that everyone has made.  🙂

  123. Robyn

    I simply love making things. If I am not busy making something I feel like my time is being wasted. I suppose my motivation to make things usually comes from either seeing a fabric I fall in love with, or a pattern that I fall in love with. Other times it is a need for something like a new bag.

  124. Allison Sews

    I find my problem is more of limiting what I’m going to make instead of finding motivation to create. There are just too many ideas floating around in my head and all over instagram!

  125. Kim M

    My inspiration comes both from the person I am creating for and from all of the awesome blogs I read and follow.

  126. Shannon

    Im inspired to create for people as a way to express love.  I often feel that nessecity is the mother of inspiration too.  I create to fill a need….

  127. Boevenbende

    My children provide me with a lot of inspiration. They have very specific and sometimes unusual tastes, and I love the challenge to sew clothes for them that they love. Outside in nature I find a lot of inspiration for colour combinations that I never thought of.

  128. Southern Gal

    I began following quilt blogs and was immediately inspired to begin creating with fabric after that.  I have sewn clothing for a long time, but quilting is much more freeing and creative to me. 

  129. Judith

    I like to visit art galleries for inspiration. Sometimes, I’ll be inspired by a particular colour combination, and other times it might be the topic of the painting.

  130. deborah b.

    i get a lot of inspiration from nature, from my daughters, from poetry, from music, from observing and being receptive.

    oh how awesome would this prize be to win!

    thanks so much. the photos you posted are also inspirational. the close-up of the quilt on the grass with the trees and light behind is stunning.

  131. Sarah R

    My motivation is just to have a creative outlet, I  think, because it makes me happier. I get a ton of inspiration from other sewists on Instagram.

  132. Shelley Folkerts

    I get alot of inspiration from Pinterest and the many talented bloggers I find on Bloglovin. I really like quilting as there are so many different components to creating a quilt so there always is something to hold my interest. Many times it seems to be the only thing in my life that I have control of. Well, some days… Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Hawthorne Threads!

  133. sherri s.

    The motivation to create comes from my wish to see something tangible at the end: I work with words, so it’s nice to see a “thing” at the end of creation. Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Meig Heyburn

    What surrounds me motivates me. Whether it’s tv, movies, nature, buildings, etc. I get inspired and motivated every day, I just get sad that there aren’t more hours to be inspired and motivated.

  135. LINDA

    HELLO, sometimes others designs inspire me, but usually it is nature in all its beauty!
    Thanks for a neat giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  136. Jordan Slice

    I’m motivated to create by my desire for high quality, environmentally friendly accessories – from purses made from recycled / scrap material to updating outdated clothing or constructing garments from vintage fabric, I’m driven by my strong desire by hand items that I can use in my daily life. 

  137. Jansie Martin

    Pinterest inspires me. I just need to remember to move away from the computer and actually go make something! 

  138. Rachel

    This is kinda cheesy, but my kids inspire me to create! If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t see at all – I took it up whilst pregnant!!!

    Hawthorne Threads is my favourite place to fabric shop too!!! I’m in Australia and they are always speedy with delivery. The awesome range is a bonus too 😉

  139. sherry

    i like to doodle lots…i have always found that my ideas arrive whole in one piece on the paper…not quite sure how that happens but it does…

  140. Shanna

    Creating helps me to retain the part of my soul that is me.  It gives me an opportunity to put things down creatively that I cannot express with words.

  141. Veronica

    I get inspired by seeing other people’s work on blogs, Flickr and Pinterest. I also get inspired when I see what other people in my quilting guild are working on or what they have finished.

  142. kay

    I get my inspiration from my travels, and, of course, from Pinterest!  (Isn’t Hawthorne Threads the best?!  I love them!)

  143. Sarah G.

    I don’t really know, I just enjoy creating something with my own hands that’s beautiful and useful!

  144. Susan Ikin

    motivation – usually a deadline, but also if I see something I really like. Inspiration – Pinterest. Instagram, Flickr. Blogs., and magazines.

  145. Sarah

    Creating things and working with my hands is a great deterrent (or at least temporary aversion to) anxiety and depression. It keeps me going and keeps me happy and connects me to tradition and generations of women worldwide.
    happy holidays 🙂

  146. Emily RC

    I find my inspiration in color combinations –  I love looking a places like Design Seeds or paint chip displays and putting colors together, than matching fabric from my stash to go with it!

  147. Carrie P.

    I get my inspiration from blogs, my quilt guild and nature. Each one inspires me in different ways. thanks for the giveaway.

  148. tisha @ quiltytherapy

    My motivation to create is that much needed outlet. I have a very mentally engaging job and sometimes I just want to do something for myself to relax. Inspiration comes from a variety of places: blogs, architecture, pinterest, my friends. Some of my best ideas come from just sitting down and talking with friends that are quilty and non quilty.

  149. Bethany @ Sew-Not-Perfect

    I just want to say first that your quilts are beautiful!  I’ve never quilted, but they are very eye-catching and unique.  I really love the airplane.

    I don’t think I’m super creative – but I’m driven to sew by the enjoyment of it and the sense of satisfaction I get from completing each garment.  I’m inspired by patterns and fabric.  When I see certain ones, I know I want to sew it!

    Thanks for the giveaway.  I wish I’d known soon enough to do my own.  Next time!

  150. Kathe

    The internet with all the blogs, etc., and a great inspiration to me – so many ideas (maybe too many -ha!).

  151. Laura

    I sew a lot for gifts, so the gift recipient is my inspiration.  Thinking about things from their perspective helps me branch out and try new styles or color combos.

  152. Kristel

    I’m not sure that I could say where my inspiration comes from… mostly I just want to make things that are lovely and useful. Sometimes it’s about the pattern of a project, sometimes it’s about the fabric.

  153. Jayne Willis

    Great question!  So many things inspire me!  Color mostly, but texture and shape too.  I have gotten inspiration from street lights before!

  154. Kim of Persimon Dreams

    totally tooting my own horn here but Project QUILTING (visit my blog for more info) has completely re-inspired me as a quilter and artist!  Definitely a great way to be inspired by the unexpected and just do it!!!!

    PS – I’m also a huge fan of the fabrics at Hawthorne!

  155. Holly U

    I learned why my son was just born that creating is a NEED for me. Playing with fabric and thread truly does keep me sane. Even if I’m making for someone else, the process of making is some time for me in the midst of all the things I need to do for others.


  156. Leigh Anne

    Often I see a pattern or another quilt and am inspired to make it myself.  Other times I have a bundle of fabric that just speaks to me and other times something that surrounds me begs to become a quilt.  Guess I’m inspired by everything LOL.

    ellascottage at inspired-design dot ca

  157. Mary Ann

    During this season of gift giving (and making) I try to draw my inspiration from the recipient of my gift.

  158. Joy

    I usually get inspired to create specific things for specific people (an item they will find useful, fabric that will make them smile, etc.). 

  159. Jodie

    I’m always inspired by color. I’m not sure what the motivation is, I just always have to get involved with color.

  160. Vicki P

    I see quilt patterns everywhere! I can’t NOT see them, swirling in my imagination, keeping me awake at night. I visit lots of blogs – including yours! – and belong to a few guilds – including the Triangle MQG! Ideas galore!

  161. Barb

    I just like to make things! I see something and my head starts spinning and then I want to make something. Thanks for the give away!

  162. Laura

    What motivates me to create? I’m not sure, but I start to get grumpy if I go too long without creating! I sew mostly little girls’ clothes and accessories and I find inspiration from all the amazing bloggers out there in the blogosphere!

  163. Michelle

    Trying new things and getting my ideas out inspires me to create.  I get inspired by colors, shapes, and everyday things.  I have tons of pictures of odd little things that inspire me.

  164. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter)

    Colors and color combinations are often the source of my inspiration, and just going through my fabrics and grouping them in pleasing combinations also helps!

  165. Leslie Hassmann

    I love surfing Pinterest & my sewing/quilting blogs to be inspired by so many talented people.
    Although I do have to tell myself to quit surfing and start creating or minutes can turn into hours on the Ipad!

  166. Ybat

    I new how to sew for years but I rarely ever did but I really got interested again when my niece and nephew where born. Ever since then I haven’t stopped sewing.

  167. Lisa E

    My main inspiration comes via the internet — blogs, Pinterest, Flickr. I also like magazines and quilt shows.

  168. Cindy Dahlgren

    I get inspiration from books, magazines, patterns,fabric, you name it. I also get my tradition from the person that I plan on giving the quilt to, their likes and dislikes, favorite colors, etc. cdahlgren at live dot com

  169. Andrea Salisbury

    Free time motivates me to sew.  I always feel like I have to be making something and it’s a great way to zone out and forget about the stress in my life.  You have a lovely blog and thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day!  Enjoy your holidays!

  170. Mary Finn

    My inspiration is firstly what would would appeal to the recipient and then I daydream through pinterest.  So many ideas, so little time to sew!!!!

  171. Grace B.

    I don’t have a specific thing that inspires me. I’m mostly motivated by trying to improve my sewing skill set. Sometimes I see things in the stores, and I’ll try to figure out how it was made. Or my kids request something and I try to see if I can make it.

  172. Brandy

    I love craft books of all kinds, quilting, stamping, mosaic, fabric printing, paper crafts, bookmaking. Nature is also inspiring, especially close up. Hawthorne Threads is my favorite online fabric store besides Spoonflower.

  173. Hayley

    I’ve always been creative but my day job doesn’t let me use it that much, so my motivation is just doing something I love

  174. Tori S

    I create to de-stress. I’m a lawyer and my job can be extremely stressful so to come home and immerse myself in something completely different is fabulous. Inspiration comes mostly from blogs and pinterest.

  175. PennyDog

    Inspiration usually comes from the outside world for me, whether it’s a design on a mug or a pattern on a flooor or even making a pictorial quilt of a scene from nature…

  176. Jackie Thompson

    I am inspired by the finished products and seeing them in action, being enjoyed.

    I love reading blogs to discover new projects and techniques.

  177. Sally

    My inspiration comes from photos like you included with this giveaway.  I love reading sewing and quilting blogs and magazines for ideas and color combinations – including Hawthorne Threads newsletter.  

  178. Patti

    For me inspiration comes from the people around me. I am inspired to make something that fits their personality and style.

  179. Monique Belmer

    I think the need for quiet motivates and inspires me to sit myself down and create but for ideas, it’s the internet, magazines and books!  monique.belmer at gmail dot com

  180. Barbara Orozco

    Creating is an outlet and a fabulous change from my work. I’m inspired by blogland, books and photos. Thanks for the chance !

  181. Sandra Timmons

    It is a feeling that you get. You just want to quilt. Inspiration comes from you. Your creativity; your quilt patterns; tutorials. Everything, more or less, inspires you can inspire us by sharing with all of us. I love shopping for fabric. Won’t take me long to spend that gift certificate either. Thank you for being a part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway and giving me the chance to win. Merry Christmas to you.

    Sandi Timmons

  182. Pat V.

    I get so much inspiration from other people’s quilts, quilt shows in particular.  I come home with so many ideas I want to try!

  183. Brenda

    My inspiration can come from almost anywhere — a book, something I see, something someone said, a quilt or other artwork people have made.  Just yesterday I was fantasizing about a quilt made based on a 19th century somewhat cubist painting of a tiger.

  184. Heidi

    Color combos are inspired usually by fabrics in my stash – this is my excuse for a large palette! I am motivated by the people I am creating for , and although I like traditional patterns & quilts that tell a story, I am inspired by contemporary design and artistic quilting.

  185. Shauna

    I get motivated from different places at different times.  Often it is the fabric that sparks the motivation, sometimes the pattern and other times it could be seeing a color combo that drives me.  Thanks for the chance

  186. Sarah

    Gift giving motivates me; I love the challenge of choosing the right fabric and project for each person, and I make things and use fabrics I wouldn’t normally use in making them for myself.

  187. Jen Beatty

    I find inspiration in the weirdest places, like a painting I walk by daily at work, it’s been in the same spot for over 4 yrs, but last wk I noticed something new, it’s fun to create!.

  188. Faye

    Sometimes I’m motivated by the person for whom I’m creating, sometimes by a project I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time, and sometimes by the fabric — of course, the best projects come together with the convergence of all three motivations. 

  189. Anne J

    These days, I am inspired to create for my daughter.  I have many WIPs (quilts, bunting for her room, mini wall hanging) for her and so many more ideas that I’ve yet to start.  I want to learn how to sew clothes so I can sew clothes for her as well…now to find the time…

  190. Heather B

    It seems to always be something different that inspires me. Anything from just the mood I am in, a person, or something I saw.

  191. Jill

    My inspiration definitely comes from all the great blogs out there.  There are so many beautiful things being created and shared for everyone to see, I just love it!

  192. Kristen

    I believe there is an innate desire in all women to create, in so many different ways. For me, color makes me want to create.  When I see beauty in the world, it also makes me want to create more beautiful things. 

  193. Barb@Witsend

    I get motivated by different things, an online contest, a fence I just have to go back and photograph or children’s drawing.

  194. Jeana

    I think my motivation to create is actually that – to MAKE something. to create something with my own hands which has function or beauty or both… it sounds sort of dramatic, but sometimes it feels like we all just rush from place to place and don’t really value all these THINGS we have. but I really, truly value things that I make. There is something so wonderful about getting an idea, and then working on it, and totally reworking it (hah in my case at least) and ending up with a finished product that someone can enjoy. when I sleep under a quilt I made, I think “I MADE this” and it makes me happy. and when I give something I made as a gift, it is so satisfying to know that I made it specifically for that person. Hah good question you’ve really got me thinking now!

  195. Jacqueline VH

    Hi there Daisy,
    I get most of my inspiration from flipping through my voluminous collection of quilting books and magazines as well as through the many, many blogs I follow.
    Hawthorne Threads is also a favorite place to spend my moolah!!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  196. Jess

    My Gram. She does beautiful work herself and we bond by going to the quilt store. 🙂

    jhunsberger (at) gmail (d0t) c0m

  197. Sierra

    I find motivation by beautiful fabric! Seeing fabric actually got me motivated to learn how to sew and I tought myself 🙂

  198. DebbieKL

    Love your quilts! Part of the reason I like to create is to accomplish something special! Work and day-to-day housework isn’t always gratifying.

  199. sharon

    i quilt because it makes me feel good, calms me, and gives me satisfaction. I get inspiration from books, other quilters, fabric patterns…lots of things!

  200. Laura

    I don’t think of myself as super creative but I think of things that my family/friends would like and that inspires me to create things for them.

  201. Alida

    I find my inspiration just browsing the web. All those wonderful crafty blogs are full of inspiration! thanks for the chance to win!

  202. Mom C

    I like to put things together and see what develops. Sometimes it’s other pictures, it could be anything. Thanks.

  203. Amanda M

    You have so many beautiful quilts! I get a lot of inspiration from this amazing online quilting community, as well as my family. My nephew has been a huge motivation for me. He was the reason I got back into sewing to begin with 🙂

  204. Anne

    I’m inspired to design my quilts by lots of graphics in things like home decor rugs etc, but also very much by the fabric itself.

  205. Pauline

    I love sewing and creating – making things especially for my 5 grandchildren.  I like to make handmade gifts. I am inspired by fabric and the passions of those I make things for – Tess  my first grandchild loves all creatures great and small – when I see a fabric she will love then I want to make her something with it.

  206. Ali M

    They are one of my favorite stores too! Frankly, I get most of my inspiration from bloggers, and then 7% from graphic art from pinterest!

  207. Angela H

    My inspiration comes from lots of different places, Instagram, Pinterest, blog posts seeing other people’s work is very inspiring other times I’m inspired by the fabric. My motivation is the joy of a handmade item and the enjoyment of the process. I am just learning to quilt and have a couple in progress. I also learned crochet last year  and have about 5 projects in process I just love being creative and making something with my hands next year I hope to learn to knit as well. 

  208. Carol Y

    In addition to finding inspiration from other quilters, I also get inspiration from design, patterns found in graphic prints, patterns in textiles, patterns in real life.

  209. Susan K.

    I’m inspired by the pleasure of quilting — how rewarding it is to watch a project come together. I also read books and pore over Instagram and the blogs to see what others are doing. Thanks for the giveaway and for your beautiful work which is in itself inspiring!

  210. M

    I create to gift to my friends and family, I guess 😀 my inspiration comes from blogs, instagram, and crafting books

  211. Catriona

    I get inspired by blogs and pinterest but also by things I see around me day to day. I never make an exact replica, I always have to change a design to make it suit me!

  212. Heather Braun

    My daughter motivates me to create. When I had her three years ago we were living in Fort Jackson, SC. My husband was on the night shift and I had no other family to help me out in the area. It was lonely but I found something to do with my time. I pulled out the sewing machine my mom gave me two years prior to that (I couldn’t figure out the bobbin situation on the machine, so it went to the closet) and sewing became my outlet. At first I wanted super cute clothes for my daughter, but then I wanted quilts. My mom and grandmother didn’t make quilts and I was kind of sad that I wouldn’t have any to pass down to my daughter. Well, I now have it in my powers to make sure she has plenty of quilts to be passed down to her.

  213. Heather Braun

    New follower with Bloglovin’! Looking forward to checking out your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Nanna

    For my quilts, I get inspired by the fabrics. Trying out something new is fun so I always challenge myself to use different patterns and styles all the time.
    I’ve added you to my Inoreader feed since I love your quilts.

  215. Sylvia

    I’ve been crafting since I was a young girl and have continued to do so for many years now.  I sew, quilt, crochet, make yard art, taught ceramics for 20 years, made wearable art plus a few other things along the way.  I love gift cards since they allow me to choose what I might need at the moment, so thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

  216. Linda

    Inspiration comes from several places, websites, blogs, pinterest, ravelry, etc. Thanks for the chance to win.

  217. Stephanie R

    I think color is one of my huge motivations. I have very emotional reactions to different color schemes, and one that makes me happy or makes me think immediately makes me want to create something with it.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  218. Allison

    I can’t really say that I can identify what motivates me to create, it’s just a drive and a push that I feel. I feel more balanced, more complete, and more satisfied when I have the time to channel those creative energies and get them out.

    Inspiration… now that is something from a whole other game. Sometimes it comes from the most unusual places (other than the obvious internet, books, magazine, etc. sources) Last week, for instance, it hit me while I was reading a book to my kids when inspiration hit… an idea that I knew I would just pop unless I moved on it.

    Lovely blog. Lovely giveaway.

    Greetings from Germany!

  219. Libby

    What motivates me is that moment when you turn a project right side out and you see the fabrics mixed up for the first time and the result. It’s beyond addictive.

  220. Jovanna C.

    My motivation is usually the fabric and the mood I am in. Some days I feel like yellow, so I work on something, or I see something in a blog/pinterest that gets me thinking.

  221. Veronica

    My children. They appreciate and gush over everything I make for them and they have enriched my life with colors, to the point that I now look for colors instead of always wearing black!

  222. Lauren aka Giddy99

    The desire for making beautiful and useful things is what motivates me – it sounds trite, but it’s really that simple.  I take inspiration from Flickr and quilting/sewing blogs, for the most part.  🙂 

  223. Sheila

    Sometimes it’s the pattern I see, and other times it’s the fabric and I just have to find something to make with it.  Kind of basic but it works.
    Love your paper piecing plane!!!!

  224. Nancy

    I’m inspired by all that I find on the internet:  through blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Thanks for the giveaway and have happy holidays!

  225. Deb

    Definitely reading blogs and participating in quilt alongs….love all the inspiration i get from the quilting blogging community,.

  226. alana

    I think I’m motivated by the satisfaction of creating. I often amaze myself, and that is so enjoyable. I sew mostly clothes for myself and my daughter, so I can my inspiration from stores and people on the street. I love pinterest and reading blogs to gain inspiration too. Thank you for the chance to win!

  227. Lynne Tilley

    I just feel a need to work with my hands and create things.  It brings such joy and I can’t imagine my life without that outlet.  

  228. Michelle

    I am insprired by so many things.  things on tv, fabric, quilt mags, bathroom tile floors,  you tube videos, flickr photos, now IG.  the list is endless….

  229. Karrie Smith

    I can’t give you good reasons.  I love the colors and textures of quilts. I think they are fun to make.  I”m inspired by the fabrics first.  Sometimes I like patterns.  I feel like anything can be inspiration.  I also like to make my clothes.  I’m little, and like wearing dresses and skirts

  230. Susan Solberg

    I get my inspiration from other people’s posts on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  When I find those perfect color combos, in striking patterns, it makes me want to give it a whirl

  231. Rhonda Desgranges

    I find inspiration in nature, blogs, pinterest and instagram.   Thanks for the chance to win!

    wigglypup2 ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com

  232. Michele

    I’m inspired by fabrics, I just gave to be using them 🙂 and I’m inspired by nature too. I love, love, love your paper pieced airplane! We are all about flying airplanes in this house. 

  233. Bonnie

    since most of my quilts are done for my charity group my inspiration comes from the cross stitch squares our members send and then seeing the seniors or children eyes light up when they get one of the quilts.. 

  234. Fran

    I am always motivated to make quilts but my inspiration comes from pretty much everywhere -I tend to see quilt patterns in all sorts of things. I do like to see beautiful quilts on blogs & on Instagram but more as eye candy than inspiration. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  235. Yvonne

    I find inspiration in what others create and post online.  There is so much talent out there!  Thanks for a giveaway.

  236. Tamie

    I deal in numbers during the day (albeit at a creative place) and creating is my creative outlet. Inspiration comes from all the eye candy on blogs, books, etc… Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  237. Carmen N

    I get a lot of inspiration from blogs like yours and from projects my friends create.  But I just spend a great deal of time creating – it’s necessary for me.

  238. Sandy Ross

    It’s fun to take some basic items–fabric, thread, maybe trim– and create something no one else ever has even if they follow the same pattern.

  239. Cheryl

    I think seeing other talented quilting, especially via social media and my modern quilt guild, inspires me to try things the most!

  240. CraftyHourMom

    My creating is rather random. I’ve never been one to follow a plan when it comes to creativity. Often I just sew on a whim, whatever comes to hand, whatever fabric or pattern was on sale or struck my fancy. Makes for a rather disjointed wardrobe, I guess!

  241. Danette

    I sew most days, but yea, sometimes I need motivation, too. When I get to a part of the project that I really don’t want to continue on, I take a break for a day or so and sometimes I get my “mojo” back. Oh, I love “Word Mojo” too so I’ll play a game or 2 of that. peterstankovich@comcast.net

  242. Karen

    I am constantly inspired by the online community and by nature.  Also the new member Sparkers at QDAD have been a fabulous source.   

  243. Lizzie

    I’m motivated by nature and walking, and also by the fabulous online and in real life quilting community! It really keeps me going 🙂

  244. Nikita Smith

    Usually while browsing around on Pinterest or other blogs I find a pattern I fall in love with and want to make it.  Thats usually how I get my inspiration.

  245. jan

    We live on a farm. I gain alot of inspiration just from being outdoors so much. And from our wonderful online sewing /crafting community! xo jan

  246. Lori Morton

    Inspiration comes from everyday things…outside, trees, etc etc…Blogs, magazines, books, food, loooove to just create! lol

  247. Bobbie

    Either the material or the person I’m creating for.  Seeing an  iitem I like (pinterest is great inspiration) 

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