I’m bored with my usual quilt photo spots, so I brought my Liberty Tula Crosses with me to Yellow Dog Bread Company this morning. (If you’re anywhere near Raleigh, NC, I strongly recommend the sticky buns.)

Liberty Tula Cross on counter

I really like the thicker plusses/crosses quilts, and I found one in Tula Pink’s City Sampler book. I made several of these and didn’t have a clear plan as I put the finished blocks together. It’s a little small to be a baby quilt, but I think I’ll keep it and add it to the growing mini collection around here.

Liberty Tula Cross back

I wish I had a few more photos, but I need to sharpen my photo skills. I got a little flustered taking pictures in public. I plan to get out more with my quilts in the future, and I hope that nervousness will go away with a little practice!


Quilt Stats
Size: 25″x25″
Block Pattern: Tula Pink from City Sampler Quilt Blocks book
Fabric: Liberty Stile and Michael Miller Nit
Back: (not pictured) scraps of a batik, the number fabric from Ikea, and an unknown fabric
Binding: Liberty Stile

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  1. Sarah

    Gorgeous!!! Just think about taking photos in public this way – you are far less intrusive and annoying than the kid running around screaming, or the sales clerk too busy in her text conversation to help you, or the super duper important business guy yelling into his phone. 😀 You’re just quietly taking pictures – odd, maybe, but not annoying at all. And if people are staring at you, they are just jealous because they don’t have your mad skills, nor do they have a gorgeous mini to hang on their walls. 😀

  2. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    Lovely photos! I know what you mean about being flustered taking photos in public. I hauled a quilt out to a local park and basically chickened out. And it was just a mom or two pushing a stroller around. I think your photographs here are wonderful, and the setting looks warm and cheerful. A sticky bun sounds delightful; I might have to pop over to my local bakery this morning. 

  3. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    What a fun idea to see your work in a very unexpected setting! I can see why you got flustered though. It’s not just your photo skills on display, but your work as well! I’ve taken quilt photos at churches or other public places and I definitely tend to shoot and run! Anyways, it’s a rad quilt. I really like how you quilted it. Would be interested in hearing more about how you got that particular quilting style. Did you mark lines or just go for it? Did you plan how it would change?

    Actually, I am thinking about preparing a quilting tutorial series for my first week postpartum, where I have guest posts and some of my own already loaded, ready to post after baby is born. I wonder if you’d be interested in doing this style as a tutorial for that series? Hmmm? This is early planning stages, so feedback/suggestions on that idea welcome, friend.

  4. Stephie

    Wow, don’t be flustered when you get such great photos – these are gorgeous and much more imaginative than hanging from a tree in a park!  I love the quilt too!

  5. Serena @ Sewgiving

    It’s feels weird taking photos in public places doesn’t it?  I usually shoot and run … but then I put the pics on my blog for the world to see – go figure! Lol 🙂  Love the solid blue background especially the depth of the colour.

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