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2014-12-14 09.06.52 pm

Tonight I installed a plug-in that might number my blog comments in the future, but I had to count the old fashioned way since it doesn’t appear to be retroactive.  I told my husband that I counted 112 from the end, and if I miscounted, I figured that was random, too.  He disagreed, but we’re all in go-mode sewing Christmas gifts, right? There’s little time to stress over some counting.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that number 410 is:

Anne J

These days, I am inspired to create for my daughter.  I have many WIPs (quilts, bunting for her room, mini wall hanging) for her and so many more ideas that I’ve yet to start.  I want to learn how to sew clothes so I can sew clothes for her as well…now to find the time…

Anne! I completely agree!  I created my last paper piecing pattern because I wanted to piece an airplane to go on my son’s wall – he’s nuts about them. And, you’ve just reminded me that I never shared the bunting I made for his room here on my blog.  It’s such a fun way to decorate a space; I hope your daughter gets hers soon!

In case you missed the giveaway last week, I asked commenters to tell me where they find inspiration because I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration as I reflect on the past year of sewing.  I had several goals for the year, and while I’m happy to accept that I didn’t sew absolutely everything that I thought I would when I made my list in January, I feel like I need to do some focusing in 2015 to make sure what I create matches my artistic vision/goals.  I want to chase the the ideas that inspire me.  I found many new sources of inspiration from all of your comments – as well as comfort in seeing how similar I am to many of you when it comes to what inspires us!

Each month this past year, my quilting bee deadlines were motivating, but the bee blocks were more about the queen bee than me – as they should be. Sometimes I can maintain motivation from within, and sometimes I need the external nudge of a deadline.  In the upcoming year, I’m dropping all bees except my charity bee and joining a few swaps.  I think the swaps will be a perfect nudge to keep my sewing a priority, but I think I’ll have more room to exercise my own creative self.

My first swap? Round Three of Schitzel & Boo’s Mini Quilt Swap.

My partner in this secret swap is a big fan of Bari J., so I asked the folks at Art Gallery fabrics if I could get a head start on working with some Petal and Plume.

Petal and Plume by BariJ for Art Gallery Fabrics

I have grand plans for this, but you – and my partner – will have to wait!



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  1. Julie

    I completely understand the desire to make something for your own creative self. I did 2 BOMs in 2014 and am in a do. Good Stitches circle, and although I enjoy them all, I don’t feel like I’m making myself anything (despite the fact that I’m doing the BOMs….it’s weird, I know). I feel like I HAVE to do my monthly stuff for deadlines, but am not doing something for ME, so I’ve decided to take 2015 back and only do the bee blocks! Sounds like you’re doing much of the same.
    I’ve not yet joined a swap, but I’ll be stalking your swap to see what everyone does. I’m a bit intimidated by them at the moment…maybe someday!

  2. Luann

    Great blog
    Remember that your “Not Doing These” list can be your greatest asset. 
    Several years ago I made this comment:  I will never have another yard sale.
    It has been life changing. You can just imagine. 
    Maybe 2015 will be a Sabatical year. 

  3. Kim S.

    I can completely relate to what you are saying. The bees are so fun, because they are a great way to meet people, and I really enjoy the fact that we are sewing as part of a community. But when you are limited to making what is required for multiple bees (even if the bee blocks give some freedom of expression) it limits the (already limited) time that we have to be completely creative in our own way. I look forward to seeing what you create with your newfound freedom! All the best – to a fulfilling and productive 2015!

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