When I went to sleep last night, I’m pretty sure “sew skate guards” was not on my list for today.

“Fold laundry” was. “Wrap up Quilters Fantasy Football season” was. “Baste Aerial Quilt” was. “Sew skate guards?” Not on it.

But things happen.


I had no idea where to start, but my husband handed me his skates, our toddler’s new skates, and disappeared with said toddler for the morning. I dug out a few supplies I thought might be useful and tentatively cut a few pieces of webbing.


I won’t lie. I was elated to have started and finished (and now blogged) a project all in one day. It was exhilarating to have created something, from scratch, that is so useful.


Then, I sat down to write this post and got a little curious. I did a quick internet search. My sweetheart didn’t tell me that we could probably buy these for no more than $20. Hmmm….


Well, I had the time (sort of) and the supplies, so I’ll still call the day a win.

And someone had skate guards for his first skate ever.


Just like the Mastercard commercials, say, “Priceless.”

Thanks for the interlude; more quilty things will be posted soon…


  1. Sarah

    The guards that came with my skates are very flimsy, and not very useful, so I now have the bad habit of just not putting them on. 😀 Your little guy is so adorable in that last picture! It really does make them priceless. 😀

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