This little heart is a perfect scrap buster.

The pieces range from less than an inch up to almost 2.5″ or more, and there are so many ways you can pick fabrics and colors: one color for the heart and two for the background, multiple colors in the heart and a low volume background, or two colors for the heart and two for the background (shown here).

I’m pretty sure that no matter what colors you use, as long as there’s a plan for contrast, the results will be stunning.


The pattern is almost ready. As I pieced this earlier today, I noticed a few places where an extra register mark will help to align the pieces so those intersecting seams are crisp and accurate. I’ll try to have it done in a few days.



  1. Jill

    How fun! I love how this turned out! It is good to be a scrap saver when they can end up in such a lovely place.

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