I’m excited to start another year with the Love Circle of do. Good Stitches.  Through an organization called Wrap Them in Love, our circle of 10 makes quilts to benefit children who need a little extra love and attention.

Jessica from our circle posted some of her Inside Addition blocks with Alison Glass’s Handcrafted fabric over on Instagram, and Ara Jane thought they’d make a great block for our bee this month.

I completely agree.


Ara Jane picked a color palette of navy, robin egg blue, pistachio green, wasabi (she says this makes it look too green, it really should be a bit more yellow, but still a greenish yellow), coral red, watermelon pink, candy pink, stone/light brown, and white.

do. good stitches january quilt colors

I consider myself pretty decent with color, but I’m learning that green is my achilles heel. My color intuition fails me when I try to look at my stash and consider what might be close to wasabi and pistachio. I have a lot of blue in my stash because I love it. I have a lot of green in my stash because I never use it. I’m going to work on that…

If you’d like to make your own inside addition blocks, Ara Jane posted Jessica’s cutting instructions. Assembly is pretty easy – very much like the churn dash!

Joining in on the #insideadditionquiltalong! This will be the #dgslovecircle January quilt.

Whether you’re into football or not, I hope you get good eats tomorrow! Super Bowl = super snacks + me.



  1. ara jane

    you know what? i’m totally with you! i picked this palette based off a poster in my daughter’s room, and thought it would be a lovely quilt. i found kona colors closest to the those in the poster and made a mosaic with them. however, i didn’t really check my own stash to see how easily i could find these colors. seriously, what was i thinking with pistachio? i had zero fabrics even close to it. oh well. i meant to let everyone know that if you can’t get the colors exactly not to sweat it too much. i think any cheery green would work. anyhow, your blocks are great! i’m loving this quilt so far. thanks, daisy!

    1. Daisy

      Ara Jane, your palette is fantastic! I probably have tons of pistacio in my stash, but I just have no confidence when it comes to picking and using or even talking about greens. I was pretty smitten with my picks for watermelon, coral, and candy, but I should’ve practiced grabbing something out of my greens. I’m excited to see everyone’s blocks come together!

  2. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Yes, I had to look hard for pistachio too! I found it in that pearl bracelet print. It’s actually a color I quite like, so I appreciate Ara Jane drawing our attention to it. I confirmed it with my Kona card, since there is actually a green called pistachio like that. So helpful that she named it with Kona in mind for translation purposes =)

    Great blocks, Daisy!

    1. Daisy

      Thank you for mentioning the kona card! I should have known those were kona colors, and I feel a bit sheepish. I will do some homework and work on my green weakness! 

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