1. Afton

    I’d love one. I wish I were as productive as all the folks I see online with their awesome handmade bags, and lanyards…I’m just hoping I remember to pack my underwear and a toothbrush. Small victories…

    1. Kitty Wilkin

      Afton, that is so encouraging to here! This is my first big quilt event (or any quilt event for that matter) and I’m headed into DespairCon! IG is fabulous for inspiration, but seeing everyone making entire new wardrobes (jeans and t-shirts will work, right? I hope), new bags up the wazoo, etc. is stressing me out! I admit, I’m one of the ones attempting to finish a new bag before Austin, and making a belt accessory for the AlterEgo idea at the Moda dance party, but I am about to put up a white flag. I might try to turn my brain over to the “remember underwear and toothbrush and you’re good” mode! Thank you!

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