What is an FLB, you ask?

Two Pouches

It’s Funny Looking Bag.  Like the one on the left in the picture above.

The one on the right turned out much better.  I love those gray triangles inside.

Two Pouches

On the FLB, I managed some almost perfect pink topstitching and some lovely covered zipper ends. I can’t remember whose gray cross hatch is on the inside – maybe Carolyn Friedlander’s?

Two Pouches

But something happened when I boxed the corners. It was late. I was tired. I had my mind on a certain trip to Texas (QUILTCON!!!).  And I thought, my friend needs a pouch with some space inside – I’ll box the heck out of these corners and there will be tons of room.

By the way, “box the heck out of” equaled 3 inches using the method where you pinch the bag to make the side seams meet, measure down from the tip, and sew a straight line perpendicular to the seam. (see this tutorial). Yes, I know 3 inches was a hefty amount, but I didn’t think it was ridiculous.

Two Pouches

The problem was that the width of my pouch was about 9 inches. I effectively boxed 2/3 of the base of the pouch, and suddenly my base was perpendicular to my zipper.

It was leather. I’d already cut it. There was no going back.

Two Pouches

I looked all over for some kind of rule of thumb when it comes to boxing corner pouches and couldn’t find any. When I made the second pouch (because who can gift a FLB?), I decided to make up my own rule:

Always be sure to box less than half the length of your pouch, no matter how badly you want a big, boxy base.

My second pouch was 10 inches wide, and I measured down 1.5″ on each side when I boxed those corners.

If boxing corners sounds like something that involves men in shorts throwing punches, check out this tutorial (same link as above). Noodlehead also has lovely pictures with her description of boxing corners in her Open Wide Zipper pouch tutorial.

Even if it’s funny-looking, it’s a finish. Linking to Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts.


  1. Emily

    I did chuckle a bit when I read this! I hope you managed to laugh at the mistake too. It’s certainly refreshing to know I am not the only one who messes up, when sewing. Not that i think the ‘mistake’ is a huge one really! the pouch is still perfectly usable! It’s all a learning curve isn’t it!! 

  2. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    Your photographs clearly have the leather base in them, but my brain did not see it even after reading about the leather in the first few images for a while. Perhaps my brain is not fully present at the moment, either. I think the rule of thumb that you developed will be something that really sticks with you, and I hope you or someone will still get a lot of use out of the super cute FLB (your zipper work on it is so excellent!).

  3. Sarah

    Happens to everybody!!! And at least the pouch is still usable – its not like when you accidentally quilt a bunch of scraps to your quilt…. 😀  They are both cute and adorable!

  4. oneofthetribeofjennifers

    After hearing the story yesterday, I had to come see the pictures.  I think it looks super cute either way and it made me chuckle. 🙂 beautiful zipper work for the win!

  5. Nurdan

    I was gonna say there was nothing wrong with your first pouch. I kept on reading and saw the photo where you show the leather base. I kept on looking at the first photo saying actually it doesn’t look bad at all. Much later I noticed the leather base and realised what you meant! Your floor board has the exact same colour and perfect for disguising the bottom of the pouch. LOL It is still cute tho; it looks like a vase! 

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