I’ve been a piecer with the Love Circle of do. Good Stitches for a little more than year, but this month I’ll switch from a piecer to a quilter.

That means this is my first month to pick a design and assemble our Circle’s charity quilt. Through an organization called Wrap Them in Love, our circle of 10 makes quilts to benefit children who need a little extra love and attention. There are five piecers and five quilters in each circle, and during the months that quilters are not in charge of design and assembly, the quilters all send in blocks as well.

My inspiration for this month’s quilt came from two images. First, Jennifer Johnston posted this quilt top she made with Alison Glass’ Handcrafted fabric on Instagram.


I picked our block and color palette sometime after seeing Heather Jones‘ Color Theory lecture last week at QuiltCon, but I thought I was only loosely inspired by it. I made my blocks, and then I went to find this picture for this blog post. I now see that I used the exact colors of one of Heather’s blocks!

taking over @jeffreycortlandjones class once again for a quick shoot

I was sure that I pulled Navy, Teal and Yellow out of thin air, but there it is in the top middle in Heather’s color samples.

Ignore the numbers on my quick sketch here. My plan is to combine the graduated color from Heather’s squares with the dynamic triangle assembly in Jennifer’s quilt. What do you think? I think the triangles will look like little tents in the dark… with a lantern on inside.


I pulled prints and solids from my stash, and I decided not to use the navy blue prints that had lots of white in them (in the bottom right part of the image below).  I think any yellow and aqua/teal/light blue fabric will be fine, but I’d like the navy blues to be dark.

Fabric Pull

I combined the wonky triangles with the color scheme and staged a few blocks. I don’t have specific instructions. I just added aqua strips to either side of a yellow triangle. On a few of them, I trimmed the teal fabric after sewing so the tops of the triangles were offset.  I added larger pieces of navy or dark blue and squared things up at the end.

With the prints (like the bicycle), I used my ruler to trim a square of navy to the same angle as the triangle. I think this keeps the block edges aligned with the grain and not on the bias (minimizing weird stretch issues), but feel free to do what works. I’ll be careful not to stretch the blocks when I assemble them.

Triangle Staging

I’m really sort of winging things with this block. And, to be honest, I’m a little nervous about picking the design this month. But, I think if everyone keeps the base of their blocks to 6.5″ or 12.5″ (or 18.5″ if you’re feeling generous), I think it’ll all come together well. Any block height is fine.  I’m hoping to get at least three blocks of any size from everyone, and my Circle mates are welcome to send more!


Now I’d better get last month’s block to Natalie. I’m a little behind schedule!


  1. Emily

    Cripes, my original comment looks a bit odd now I look at it. 

    What I meant was “I think this will look really good” 

    blame my stupid pregnancy brain :/

  2. Jen Johnston

    Thanks for posting my quilt!  What a surprise to see my own work while perusing the blogs I subscribe to!  I’m so happy to hear that it inspired you.

  3. Sarah

    This is going to work great as a group quilt!!! Love seeing how you got from the inspiration to the actual block instructions. 😀 So excited to see how this will turn out!

  4. oneofthetribeofjennifers

    Love what your doing with this.  Will be fun to watch it come together.

  5. Ruth

    This is great, love the colour scheme and the tent idea is perfect! Looking forward to seeing this one coming together!

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