I’m so behind on so many projects!  A trip to the in laws, a round with the flu, skipped naps, and a traveling husband – the excuses go on and on.

The stars have aligned and things are going my way for the moment. I have a sleeping child and a few project finishes.  This morning, I put the last stitches in my airplane pillowcase for the Handstitched Class.  The deadline for merit badges is today, and I’ve been stitching away to make that deadline – ahem,  I mean to be sure that I cover all the various topics that I wanted to learn.


I had bigger plans for this, but the airplane took me longer than I anticipated.  I tried to needle turn, but didn’t like the results.  I fused the airplane with Steam-a-Seam Lite 2 instead and used a backstitch for extra security and a nice embellishment.

I used the sew-and-turn method for the clouds, and I used a blind stitch to appliqué them to the pillowcase.

Applique project for Handstitched Class

The airplane scene lies nicely over my little one’s pillow, and I’m hoping it will bring him sweet dreams of big skies and adventure!

I’ll share my hand quilted napkins later, but for now, I must get back to stitching. One more Handstitched Class project left!




  1. Kelsey

    I’m all about deadlines too 😛 But you made it! Ingenuity in the face of a time crunch and difficulties is something to be praised.

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