There’s a little dust collecting on this blog as I’ve been busy with hand sewing, but things should pick up soon. I have two quilts and a book review to post this week.

To thank you readers for sticking around – and to welcome any new readers who might like to join me, I’m participating in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day.

I’ve been enjoying embroidery lately, and I’m thinking about trying English paper piecing. To enter this giveaway, let me know if you’ve tried English paper piecing, if you like it, and your favorite tool or method.

If you follow me, leave an extra comment to tell me how.

I’ll pick a winner to receive a $30 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!

This giveaway is open to international participants. Entries close at 5pm EST on Sunday May 10th. Winner will be announced within 24 hours from close of contest.


  1. Katie Sarbacker

    I haven’t tried english paper piecing, but I’ve photographed a tutorial for a blog before. It’s definitely on my list of projects to try though.

  2. Jodi

    I have done just some little hexagons, I like the idea of a take with you project and plan to expand those skills.

  3. April

    I love EPP… hexies especially!  I have two quilts in the works, and I love that I can work on them while I’m at the gym for my daughter’s gymnastics and tumbling classes.  I also work in the car on road trips.  My favorite new find for EPP is Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads.  It has a bit of give to it and it doesn’t break nearly as much as other threads I’ve used, and it blends in so well with fabrics. Try using a gray or beige thread if you don’t like to match threads exactly.  Both colors seem to blend well with most fabric colors.
    You’ll be hooked once you get started!

  4. Monique B

    I have tried EPP and I do enjoy it but not as much as paper piecing.  I did find that buying pre-made hexies or diamonds, etc. really made a difference in the quality of the shape  and consistency of my work.  

  5. aprilshowers

    I haven’t tried EPP because it seems a little fussy to me. Plus, it would eat into my sewing and knitting time 🙂

  6. Jeanne Baumann

    I have done EPP long ago, but more recently completed a queen sized hexie quilt pieced by hand without using the paper method.  I cut the hexies, marked the corners, and hand pieced while watching movies with my hubby!  I do like having hand projects ready to work on, embroidery is on my mind now.

  7. Kristin in Alaska

    I have never tried English Paper Piecing and I think my head would explode if I tried!  The quilts I’m currently dreaming of making don’t even have patterns!

  8. charlotte m.

    I have not tried EPP. I think it’s a bit too fussy for me. I like big easy finishes.

  9. Summer

    All of my quilty bee friends have tried EPP, and some of them are currently working on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt or a Lucy Boston block. I enjoy watching them fussy cut and hand sew, all while piecing using my favorite tool – my sewing machine! I do find it interesting that even now, with so much automation, there is a craft that requires handsewing of fabric to achieve a beautiful finished result!

  10. Denise

    I have not yet tried EPP, but I am so tempted by the massive La Passcaglia pattern.  I have heaps of voile, and although it would take years, it would be amazing.

  11. Carmen

    Oooh, thanks for the great giveaway! I do do EPP and am contemplating a new project. I’ve always just pinned the papers in place, but I think I’m gonna try glue basting this time around:) Thanks again!

  12. Jeanne / Grey Cat Quilts

    I’ve tried EPP, but don’t have the patience for it, at all. I’ve actually taken some EPP patterns and done them by machine, because I loved the project so much, but couldn’t bring myself to use the traditional method.a

  13. annabelle

    I have not tried pp. I’m hoping Rachel at Stitched in Color will do a class in the next year or two 🙂

  14. jerri

    I have not tried paper piecing- I’m quite intimidated by the idea. I did see a site that showed how to just sew all the hexies together without the paper step. I’m not sure I totally understand her method either. My dear friend is working on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden right now- I’m sticking with some pinwheels.

  15. Leanne Parsons

    I love english paper piecing! Of course, my wrist starts hurting if I do too much of it, so I have to limit myself, but there are dozens of epp projects I want to make!

  16. Anita L

    I do enjoy EPP and I do it the old fashioned way with thread basting. I just cannot bring myself to put glue on my beautiful fabrics.

  17. wendy

    I did try EPP, I did a hexie block, probably not the best idea as I’m not a fan of hexies.  I hated every minute of it and will never EPP again!

  18. Karen S

    I think EPP is gorgeous, but haven’t had the courage yet. As a beginning quilter, I’m still figuring out POP–plain old piecing!

  19. Heather B

    I have tried it before and it wasn’t so bad. I need to get more papers and try the glue basting method. I have some road trips coming up and I could do some EPP once I get tired of knitting.

  20. Kim M

    I’ve never done EPP but after going to Sew South a couple of weeks ago and seeing some people’s fun EPP projects, I really want to learn!

  21. Michelle Olsen

    I’ve made EPP hexie flowers. Lori Holt has a couple great tutorials on her blog for making them. Thanks for the chance to win! mto2golsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Danette

    Well…. I bought a wall hanging kit of paper-piecing from McCall’s Quilting (I think). I have made about 2 blocks, although it’s been sitting in my drawer since Fall 2014. It is templates and basting. Hopefully, I can do more blocks this summer while on my camping trips. Thank you,

  23. Alison Wood

    I always vowed I wouldn’t do paper pieced hexagons as that was all patchwork seemed to consist of when I was growing up (in England).  However on a long train journey I started covering the paper pieces with scrap fabric and quickly became addicted.  I am now quilting my Lozenge quilt (see recent blogposts@thechainpiecer if you are interested) and I have to say I have really enjoyed the process.  I would say definitely use precut papers for accuracy and use a dab of fabric glue in the middle to hold the fabric in place when you start folding around the papers.  I don’t glue the edges though – I think you get greater accuracy if you stitch the edges in place.  It is not a speedy process but you can achieve interesting effects and it is portable.  Great for when you are watching kids doing sport!

  24. Debra Myers

    I have also been considering trying it, it is hard to resist the cute little hexagons

  25. Rita aka crescendogal

    I have done some paper piecing.  I love your shop…always great customer service!!!

  26. Shauna

    I’ve not tried EPP, because I dont’ like hand sewing.  I love the look of it, but just can’t make myself pick up that needle.

    1. Windy Sibbersen

      I didn’t think I would enjoy hand piecing either, but sitting for hours at kid sports makes me crazy enough to try. I’m addicted!! I have so much more control with my hands and using the paper pieces gives me precision that I can’t seem to get with cutting & piecing on a machine. Do give it a try! has tons of shapes and sizes of good quality pre cut paper pieces. Just remember hexagons are measured by the length of one side, not across the middle. A good size to start with is the 1″ – perfectly suited to a mini charm pack of fabric (2.5 x 2.5) 

  27. CJ

    Great giveaway! I have not tried EPP – not a fan of doing any sewing by hand. :/

  28. Jennifer

    I just tried it last week so I don’t know enough to have any favorites yet. 🙂

  29. Lynne Tilley

    I have not tried English paper piecing yet, but it’s on my bucket list!!

  30. Nicolle Schoeppner

    I absolutely adore EPP! Right now, I’m doing Katja Marek’s The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along, and I love it! I used to thread baste my EPP templates, but I recently tried glue basting and am enjoying that quite a bit.

  31. Kristal

    I like EPP, it’s much more relaxing to me than applique. Just don’t be crazy and think you’re going to cut out your own papers – buy them!

  32. leigh7911

    I’ve done a few hexagons. My goal is to make me a throw sized quilt out of them and quilt it by hand too, all for my 40th birthday. I’m still 5 years out and am thinking that might be a little ambitious :p  I do actually really like doing them – just have been (re)bitten by the cross-stitching bug recently!

  33. Julianna @ Sewing Under Rainbow

    Oh, I love EPP! And recently have made a lot of blocks using this method. Some La Passacaglia rosettes and a baby quilt top for my just born daughter. I don’t actually use any special tools (such as acrylic templates or glue). I prefer simplicity: only me, fabrics, thread and scissors. And pre-cut paper-pieces – this is probably the only one tool I use.

  34. Stephanie F

    EPP is so relaxing! I use the tiniest of whipstitches and it is seamless!  Good luck!

  35. Kristen Jones

    I am new to quilting and have not yet tried EPP. I’m kind of afraid to. It looks very small and too detailed to me. Maybe one day! Thanks for this awesome chance to win. I don’t have any “stash” yet because Im still new so I’d love to use the GC to stock up on some solids.

  36. Kristin H

    I haven’t tried English paper piecing yet, I’m still a fairly beginning quilter. I hope to get there someday though!

  37. Allison CB

    I love EPP – I used to make my templates from magazine papers but I like being able to buy them already made! 

  38. Windy Sibbersen

    Aw Gurl! I am a hexie addict and I can tell you that epp is the most fun!!! Check out my instagram feed – I have made a few hexagon quilts & have a few notes for epp under #hexagontutorial my IG is @wwwindylou – feel free to chat or ask questions! I love converting more hexie addicts. 

  39. Margaret Schindler

    I have not done EPP but it is on my list. I watched a video with Lynette Anderson on gluing the hexies using applique paper so I want to give that a try

  40. Dionne Matthies-Buban

    I am doing a long term EEP project. I like to pre-cut my hexies. I used to cut the fabric as I made the hexies, but no more. Now, I sue a lazy susan cutting mat, and its faster and neater. 

  41. Julie

    I follow you on blog lovin.  I have just started EPP – and find I have  a slight addiction to hexies.  My favourite tool is the hole punch, for making holes in the templates, so they can be pulled out easier at the end.

  42. jeanne e.

    i enjoy epp quite a bit. i have one big project going at the moment, which is a grandmothers garden done in denyse schmidt fabrics and solids. it will be a long term finish. 🙂 i think my favorite tool for epp would be the precut papers (especially for such a big project). i think they are worth their weight in gold. and while i prefer to thread baste, i do use a basic glue stick to initially attach my fabric square to the hexie instead of pinning. thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Kim

    i love love LOVE EPP, find it incredibly therapeutic and soothing.  I actually baste straight through the template paper, because I find it much more secure, and I get sharper corners.

  44. Kim

    And I follow you on bloglovin……and I solemnly swear I’m not an evil spambot 😉

  45. Debra Kay Neiman

    I have not done EPP yet. It is on my list to learn. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  46. laurelry

    I just started EPP! I started the La Passacaglia quilt! It is quite the undertaking. I use paper and thread but I hear that using glue on the paper is a lot more helpful! 

  47. Megan

    I am currently working on English paper piecing a smitten quilt- I don’t know that I have any special tools, but I have learned that having a small sharp needle is important for connecting the basted pieces!  Good luck!


    My favorite tip for english paper piecing was where to start and end your knots and that you should also start about 1/4″ away from the tip of the corner and then when you finish also feed the thread through under the back of the fabric and tie off again 1/4″ or so from the corner (using hexies as an example)

  49. Wendy

    I’ve embarked on the ultimate EPP project – la passacaglia. Lots of people are stitching it at the moment and we even have a facebook group if you’d like to join and have a look. It’s Millefiori/la passacaglia English paper piecing.  The fabric combinations are amazing.

  50. Cindy

    I have not yet tried English paper piecing. Thank you for participating in the giveaway!

  51. Alyssa Long

    I love EPP! I made a queen size hexie quilt a while ago, and I’m working on a wall hanging with apple cores right now. My favorite tool is GLUE! I have to baste the apple cores with thread, but with the hexies I used glue and it went so much faster!

  52. Ella

    Love EPPP!!! Just started using a glue stick.  LIFE CHANGING.  Can’t believe I spent so much time being hard on my hands with thread basting.

  53. JoyceLM

    I tried English paper piece one time, but my hands are too big & my eyesight too poor.

  54. Elena

    I love, love, love English Paper Piecing. I only learned May of 2014 when I saw the prize-winning Twisted Hexagon Quilt on Pinterest. I was driven to make it using my collection of 1930’s reproduction fabrics. I’ve since completed the top in queen size and another in crib size. I also made another queen size quilt of 4 inch hexagons using the Color Me Happy line. EPP is addictive. A lot of hand sewing but I’ve found ways to stream-line the process such as gluing my papers (run from the computer on cardstock from Walmart) before cutting and then basting the edges down (but not through the paper). Good luck in your endeavors!

  55. Pip

    I enjoy English Paper Piecing for the accuracy you get and also for how portable it is, I used to thread baste my papers to the fabrics but have discovered that glue is a lot quicker (you only need a little bit of glue) and lets you get to the fun part of sewing faster.

  56. Teresa @Aurea's Kitchen

    I love EPP. I have a sew together bag just for EPP, and I carry it with me for sewing in the car.

  57. Lia

    I have only recently tried EPP (check out my latest blog post about it) and since then seem to have caught the EPP bug as I really enjoy it. I’m not normally one to like handsewing, but making diamons and hexies is both relaxing and fun! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Karen Ann

    I adore English paper piecing, and made a grandmothers quilt last year.  Messy Jessie’s blog has some great tutorials on epp and I use her technique and it’s so fun….and addictive.  

  59. Susan Mitchell

    I have not tried the designed EPP, I do make hexies but seriously feel like its bringing out some carpal tunnel lol I have had to take a break!

  60. Heather

    I am too scared to try epp yet – but it always looks useful for when you want a portable project.

  61. Laura

    I started a EPP project a near ago and it is only half finished.  I have to admit the this is not my favorite quilting process, but I LOVE my great grandmother’s rock garden EPP quilt.

  62. Tara

    I tried epp very recently in order to participate in #flowersforeleni and I really liked it so I’ve made a bunch more hexies since then, but I don’t know what I’ll do with them! 

  63. Bronwen

    I’m new to EPP…but I love it! There is something so quiet and meditative about it. I’ve only tired a few tools and tricks so far but honestly the simpler things seem to be the best – take the time to bast stitch your shapes, leave good seem allowances and keep your stitches small! Hope you enjoy it too!

  64. Camille

    I’m currently working on La Passacaglia quilt, a EPP challenge.  I love using the glue baste method.  It works well for me.

  65. Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

    I love EPP. I use cardstock for my bases, but I know ppl that use regular computer paper – I’m just not comfortable with that. I baste with thread instead of glue and I don’t ever baste through my papers. I like keeping the basting in for extra support (at least it feels that way) and I like the idea of using my papers for a longer time than I could if I went through them. I learned great tips and techniques when I started from Jessica Alexandrakis’ book Quilting on the Go. It was super informative.

  66. KT

    I am still working on my first EPP project that I started 2 years ago–I like it–it’s easily portable. I use junk mail postcards for my bases and a punch from Stampin ‘up, and thread baste.

  67. Audrey

    I just recently started with EPP, and I love it! (Which comes as a big surprise as I expected to dislike it immensely!) I wish you luck with your EPP adventures!

  68. Misty S.

    I am just beginning to try paper piecing…I’m starting with big pieces and working my way down to the small bits.  I really love how i can get such excellent points with this method.

  69. Sheila

    I love to English Paper piece and prefer to use the paper templates. I have several car projects that are easy to grab and you’d be surprised how much you can do in a car.
    I also love to do regular paper piece for those sharp lines and perfect points.
    Give it a try….you might get hooked!

  70. katelyn

    I like paper piecing. I feel like I get more consistent corners and I like pulling the paper off afterwards

  71. Becca

    I haven’t, but I’m interested. I’m just not very good at hand sewing, and don’t trust my ability to sew a seam that will hold…

  72. Colleen

    I currently have 3 EPP projects in progress. I love having a portable project when I am waiting for kids. I’ve just tried glue-basting for the first time with EPP and doubt I will go back to thread basting – so much faster!

  73. kay

    I’m not crazy about English paper piecing, but I recently discovered that I LOVE foundation paper piecing!

  74. Rose Sabey

    Hi- I have recently started EPP and have done hexies and sewn some together on a pouch. I just use paper hexies that I cut out.

  75. Jeana

    oh I LOVE EPP. Glue pens for basting can be a huge time saver, I definitely recommend trying that method.

  76. Cherise

    The only EPP I’ve tried is making hexagons but I love it! It’s fine to have something to do in front of the Tv instead of sewing on my machine all the time. I love how they turn out!

  77. Karen

    I follow on bloglovin.  Have not tried epp but keep thinking I should .
    Thanks for hosting this give away. 

  78. Steph Mabry

    I have tried EPP…sort of…the hexies sit in a bag, feeling very neglected in the bottom of my cabinet. Whoops! 

    Thanks for the chance!

  79. Sarah J.

    No English Paper piecing yet, though someday I would love to try it!  Embroidery has been calling to me lately and I think that may be tried next!  Love your site and can’t wait to look around a little more!

  80. Sarah J.

    Just started following you on pinterest and bloglovin!  So happy I found your site : )

  81. Erica

    I have tried it but it has been a long time. I didn’t have any special tricks, I didn’t even use any special papers. I would like to try it again.

  82. lisa mc

    I have made a pillow cover using EPP diamonds in the tumbling blocks pattern. I printed the templates myself onto heavy paper, then basted in place and the handstitching is quite relaxing and goes surprisingly fast. I would love to make some hexagons next.

  83. Kate Yates

    I love epp! I use a fiskars hexagon punch and cardstock to make my templates, and a glue stick for basting to speed things along. I hope you enjoy it!

  84. Nerida

    If you like the relaxation that embroidery gives then you will also enjoy epp, I used to work epp basting with papers but now i just hand piece them witha 1/4′ line marked on back of fabric with running stitch.

  85. Linda Webster

    I’ve tried English paper piecing and I love it.  It’s a great project to take with you when you know you’re going to be waiting for someone.

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  86. Michelle Hart

    I love EPP!  My favorite tools are Aurifil 50 wt. and my needle threader. I love the way the thread is thin, but still strong. The threader saves my eyes!

  87. Margaret

    I’ve done some hexagons, but I have a short attention span. 🙂 My EPP hexagon quilt will be finished in 10 years or so.

  88. Jerriann Crow

    EPP is my favorite thing to do right now. There aren’t really any special tools. I use a short sharp needle for sewing, a long one for basting, and those little paper inserts in magazines for my templates. I find that plastic and regular cardstock is a little too thick for me and as my thread passes over it, it creates fatigue in the thread too quickly. Have fun and thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  89. Joanna

    I’ve started making EPP hexes over the last little while (I’m not sure how many months… not quite a year though). I have a huge ziplock bag of them but since I’m trying to make the end result somewhat scrappy, I haven’t really pieced them together yet so the fabrics can be mixed up more with the more hexes I make! So who knows when I’ll be finished. I usually make them while I watch TV so it’s nice to think I’m doing something instead of just being a lazy blob lol 🙂

  90. Aftoncom

    I haven’t given EPP a fair shake, but I’ve seen some beautiful finished work that makes me admire the process.

  91. Diane Pfluger

    When I started it was just called paper piecing (before people started paper piecing by machine. I use EPP for all my hand work.

  92. Mindy

    I have not started quilting .. yet.  I’ve only been sewing for just over a year now.  But I know once I start, I’m going to love it!  And paper piecing is on my list of things to try.

  93. Vaia Apostolidou

    I have never tried English paper piecing but I definitely gonna do it soon!

  94. Gill Turner

    I love EPP – I always take some away on holiday with me because it’s so portable!

  95. Angelia L.

    I just started my first EPP project….it is so much fun and relaxing!  I use Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads to whip stitch the hexies together.  Sue Daley of Patchwork for Busy Fingers has some great YouTube videos.


    I have tried English Paper piecing, and I did like it. It’s a little fussy, though.

  97. Christine

    I have not tried English Paper Piecing and don’t think I’d have the patience for it. 🙂

  98. Suzie

    I have not tried it as I feel it is too fiddly for me, although I do appreciate the results.

  99. May

    I started an English paper piecing project 6 years ago, but I still have to finish those famous last bits…

  100. Emily C

    I have not tried EPP. I have made a small hexie doll quilt for my niece. After 150 of those I  decided to set that aside for awhile. It was nice having a small project to travel with me, but making 150 became a bore.

  101. melissa c

    I am interested in learning EPP.  I think the quilts made with the technique are beautiful.  Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful fabric. 

  102. Christine

    I’ve never tried paper piecing. If I did, I would have to start small. I can’t stand to start something and then abandon it.

  103. Jodie

    I only recently gave English paper piecing a try. I like it so far, but no tips yet!

  104. Katy M

    I love EPP – I used to get a lot of hexagons done on long train journeys to visit my (then) husband-to-be! My recommendation would be to sew yourself a little pouch to keep your papers, fabrics, thread and scissors in so you can just grab it on your way out and work on it in any free moments 🙂

  105. Jessica P.

    I have never paper pieced anything. I think the creations that can be made are beautiful, but paper piecing seems a little confusing. powersjlc (at) gmail (dot) com . Thank you for the chance.

  106. Amy Cavanagh

    Yes I have done some EPP and I now have the La Passacaglia pattern to start on!!!

  107. ♥Duff

    I have not tried EPP–it just looks like it would be tedious. I have a friend who’s bugging me to try it but I just can’t sit down long enough…:O) 

  108. Taryn

    I recently took an EPP class! I found it more enjoyable than I thought I would, but I am not sure if I would want to EPP a whole quilt!

  109. Lauren aka Giddy99

    I love EPP, but usually only work on it when I don’t have access to my machine. I’ve completed a hexy quilt (1890 1-inch hexies), and I’m working on my 2nd EPP, a king-size – it’s ALL AMH with Kona Eggplant for the “neutral.” 🙂

  110. AngieSue

    I’ve made dozens and dozens of small EPP hexies for an eventual quilt.  It will be a spectacular, colorful extravaganza….if I ever start it.

  111. jmniffer

    I tried EPP once…it didn’t work out very well and I switched to Inklingo in order to finish the project.

  112. Jamie B

    funny, I’ve been doing a lot  of hand sewing, including embroidery and hand quilting, too. So relaxing. Guess English paper piecing is the next step. Haven’t tried, but would love to learn. Thanks!

  113. Jamie B

    Ps…I follow you! Looking forward to seeing your post about the piecing journey. 

  114. Quilting Tangent

    I haven’t tried English paper piecing, but like you thinking about trying it.  Seen a method of folding the paper out of the way before sewing.  This way no tearing out paper and can reuse template.

  115. Marika

    I have tried it a few times but am not a huge fan. It’s too slow for me! I need to see progress and fast ! 

  116. Lee Ann L.

    I have tried english paper piecing with hexagons.  I’ve got to confess that it is easy; but, I want results NOW. LOL.  In other words, I’m short on patience and want a project done asap.  with English Paper Piecing, you have to have time (and take the time) on your hands such as traveling and whatnot. At least, that is how I roll. 🙂 Thank you for a chance to win.

  117. Rumi

    I have made several things using EPP – a whole quilt, some pouches, some coasters. I have designed an Easter egg and very proud with this pattern.
    EPP is so relaxing.

  118. Daryl

    I don’t care for EPP much, however I recently made several fabric vases (from the book Contain It!) which is based on EPP method and I loved making those. 

  119. Robyn

    I just picked up EPP last month, so far I am enjoying it. You can read more about my experiences with it on my blog if you would like. I started out with a little freebie kit for a 1/2″ hexagon rosette, then I got a little mini charm pack and some hexie papers and started doing a scrappy piece with no goal in mind just for practice… I enjoyed that enough that I picked up an EPP quilt kit!

    I love glue basting… I use Sewline’s glue pen and it saves a lot of time. The trick to glue basting is not to over do it, and don’t glue too close to the edge of the paper. It does’t take much, until you get the hang of it start out using as little as possible and if it isn’t sticking add a little more. If you use too much it makes removing the papers a bit of a pain. And if you glue on the edge, it makes stitching harder.

    Another tip, joined the English Paper Piecing Facebook group to get a 20% off coupon code for And that website is awesome… quick shipping, excellent customer service, good prices. The Facebook group is also very active and full of helpful folks.

    Oh, and I use the ladder stitch method with Superior Thread’s The Bottom Line. The stitches disappear this way, so you don’t have to worry about going all matchy matchy with your threads like you do with whip stitching. I just have a gray (#622) and a cream color, as well as a light pink I happened to already have laying around. I use the gray for everything unless it is two cream/white colored pieces I am stitching together.

  120. Renee

    I’ve only done it once to make the EPP deathstar–it was a whole new thing for me to learn, but I enjoyed the process.  Now I’m making EPP hexies from my scraps, with no goal in mind.  

  121. Robyn

    Following on bloglovin… good luck with your EPP adventure! I always keep part of my EPP project in my purse these days! It is amazing what you can accomplish in the little moments usually lost to things like waiting rooms and car rides throughout the day.

  122. Brenda

    I’ve done EPP but my arthritis has made handwork difficult.  I’d like to try connecting the pieces with a tiny zig zag using a very find matching or invisible thread.  I think I could make it work for me.  I’d love to make the Lucy Boston quilt.

  123. Cheri

    I don’t know about English embroidery, but I started embroidery when I was 8 (50 years ago!) and plan on teaching my grand daughters this summer. I also do crewel…same as embroidery just with yarn instead of floss

  124. Laura

    I did a little bit of epp – I found the precut hexies are way more accurate than I could cut myself and I use a sewing glue pen to just dot my fabric to attach it to my hexie shape so I don’t have to worry about it shifting around.

  125. Dana

    Never tried EPP, but sound like an interesting technique to learn.. Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  126. Sandra

    This is a great giveaway–gift certificates are the best. Love your airplane pillow case. Is the image available? 

  127. Mary Ann

    I have tried it. It is a lot of fun but goes pretty slow. I have gotten out of the habit of picking it up. Need to get back to it!

  128. Samantha Ewers

    This year I started the Marquis quilt by Tula Pink.  I hope to finish it before my children go to college (they are 10 and 11 currently).  I am pretty slow, I work on it when I am sitting at my kids activities but it is a wonderful feeling that I am getting something done while I am sitting there.

  129. Erin McSweeney

    i’ve done a little epp…no special method that i know of…one day i hope to get into it more

  130. Meg M

    I really like EPP…kind of. I find it super relaxing and enjoy working with my hands and at a slow and steady pace, but my pieces never seem to match up like they should 🙁

  131. Michele

    I just started! I’m making random 1 inch hexagons from my scraps. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

  132. Lisa Marie

    I haven’t tried EPP.  My favorite technique is foundation paper piecing.

  133. Sarah Goer

    Just this week I made myself a list so I could build a kit for EPP. There’s just so many fabulous EPP projects being shared on IG and I figure I can keep the kit in my car so I can have something to work on by hand when I’m away from my sewing machine. I’m thinking my most likely first project will be to make some hexagons to use as a panel on a zipper pouch.

  134. mary

    I’ve done a little bit of EPP, I have an unfinished project somewhere but I did make 2 cushion covers with hexies for a wedding anniversary gift for my brother and his wife.  I need to plan a new project.  thanks for the giveaway

  135. Lou

    I love EPP! I have been working on a hexie quilt this year just using scraps from a BOM. Found the Fiskars XL punch a life saver!!! No more buying papers:)

  136. Laura

    I’ve tried English Paper Piecing a few times, but I would really love to do more!

  137. christy

    I have!! I’m currently working on The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along.  I love glue basting with Fons and Porter glue sticks.

  138. Alida

    No, never tried! But I will try it in few months because EPP is one of the skills of the monthly series of tutorial I am running on my blog! there will be plenty of tips and tricks about EPP, so I am looking forward to learn! thanks for the chance to win

  139. Jennie

    You know, it’s funny, I haven’t tried it. But I have all the supplies. I like Lori Holt’s tutorial from ages ago. Looked pretty simple to me. 

  140. Victoria

    I love playing with hexes and even incorporated them into my capstone design project.I like that they are easy to carry for a bit of handwork on the go.

  141. Lori Morton

    I have not done EEP…but I soooo LOOOVE Hexie’s…& want to learn! Maybe this Summer!

  142. Lori Morton

    I am also a new Follower thru Bloglovin! Found you thru this fun Give-a-way! 🙂

  143. Linda S

    I have not tried english paper piecing yet, but it is on my to do list.  I even have a few hexie designs drawn out that I would like to try. Thanks for the chance!
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  144. Allison

    I’ve done some hexagon epp, but didn’t finish the project….I didn’t use any special tools, so maybe that held me back? 😉

  145. Ramona

    I haven’t tried it yet but plan on it soon.  It would be a great carry with me project!

  146. EmilyRC

    I’ve tried EPP – I can’t really imagine making an entire quilt, but I do like to add the little hexies onto pouches and bags!  Thanks for the chance to win!!

  147. Allison C

    I have a love hate with EPP. I love the look, but I hate the cutting of paper or fabric to make them. Neutral on the hand sewing.

  148. Rachel

    It’s so funny you asked about EPP. I just finished watching a bunch of YouTube videos on it trying to figure out more. I haven’t tried it yet because frankly I’m a little nervous about that much hand work . . . but who knows? With the right pattern I could be motivated.

  149. Renea

    I have made hexi’s but really don’t have a special method.  I watched lots of tutorials on You Tube.  Thanks for the great giveaway.

  150. Torina

    I’m down with EPP. I just ordered the Millefiori Quilts book and the basic pieces from I’m just putzing around with scraps an diamond papers while I wait for it to arrive. 

  151. Leslie Schmidt

    I have not tried EPP yet, but I have been collecting tools, papers and ideas for “someday.”

  152. DeborahGun

    I have tried paper piecing a few times and have to say I didn’t love it. I found it pretty boring sewing whipstitch after a while! I would rather just do straight forward hand piecing.

  153. Kat Mannix

    I think we are in it together for EPP!  my weekend is full of punching.  You know, if I win… you don’t even need to mail it, haha.

  154. Jane R

    I think I’d did a little as a child, but have been avoiding it so far! I would love to make a la pssacaglia quilt though, and that maybe will be what it takes. I have heard though that a sewline glue pen is fantastic for speed “basting” the pieces.

  155. Rachel

    I haven’t tried English Paper Piecing. I’ll admit that I’ve not really been tempted and I think I’ll do my hand work on the quilting instead. I am interested in trying some embroidery though! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  156. Jen R

    I love EPP. It’s a great project to take with you wherever you go since it’s so small. It took me about a year to make a pillow though so I haven’t started a new EPP project yet.

  157. Danijela

    Never try it,sorry not helpful.Lovely giveaway so generous of you.Have a lovely weekend.

  158. mary

    I love EPP.  My best tricks have been to print my shapes and iron them to freezer paper before cutting them out.  And I’ve just started glue basting my fabrics with an Elmers glue stick instead of stitching.  So much faster!

    Thanks for the chance!

  159. Erika

    I’ve tried it and have only done hexagons so far but I love it!  It’s quick and relaxing.  I have a stash going that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with but it’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day.  

  160. MC

    I’ve done some small EPP projects, and have found them very practical for keeping me busy while travelling. I have a serious crush on the La Passacaglia quilt, but can’t imagine making something that involved. I hope you enjoy trying it out!

  161. Nicole Sender

    I’ve not tried paper piecing. My favorite sewing tool is my mother’s thimble!

  162. Alex

    I am working on several EPP projects at the moment including a big quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. Ronnie G

    I am not familiar with English paper piecing… I mostly make scrappy lap quilts and memory quilts

  164. Betty W.

    I haven’t yet tried EPP, but I’ve bookmarked a hexigon pillow tutorial featured on Sew Mama Sew months ago.  That’ll eventually be my first EPP project.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Sandra Timmons

    Nope, never tried English Paper Pieceing. I am lucky that I can handle just the basics of Quilting. Thank you for being a part of the SMS Giveaway Day and giving us the chance to win that awesome Gift Certificate.

  166. Hayley

    I quite like EPP but it is slow going. It’s nice to have something to do of an evening though so I can hang out with hubby instead of hiding in the garage all the time. Favourite tool? I use a bulldog clip to secure the fabric to the papers at the start and it works for me!

  167. Megan

    I’ve done a little bit of English Paper Piecing – I love how portable it is, and how I can do it while watching TV, hanging out with my family, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. Dana Cargill

    I recently took a class in paper piecing but isn’t EPP done by hand? I haven’t tried that but would love too.

  169. Gretchen Kimmes

    I’ve only done EPP a few times.  I enjoy it when I have the time.  I prefer the glue basting method.  Makes it a little hard to take on the road with me.

  170. Karen H

    I have never tried english paper piecing but have seen some quilts that I would like to do using this method

  171. Pam S

    I haven’t tried EPP, but it looks intriguing, especially for a project to take on a road trip. My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway. I love to shop for fabric!

  172. Donna Lee

    I’ve never tried English paper piecing, but I’ve been following this technique and am intrigued. Would love to have someone show me in person :).

  173. Laura

    Yes, I’ve tried EPP. I wrap the fabric around either freezer paper shapes or light cardboard shapes which I have cut myself.

  174. Rebecca

    I LOVE English paper piecing. I have several thousand hexies I’m working on joining now! I would definitely recommend getting the Fishers XL punch. It’s worth it to not have to cut the papers by hand! I makes 1″ hexies.

  175. Lisa Garber

    I actually love paper piecing!! I am currently working on The La Passacaglia Quilt. If you dont know what it is….you have to check it out! Amazing and so much fun!

  176. Cassandra

    I really like EPP techniques.  Most of the pieces I have made are pretty small scale.  I have done it with the traditional hexagon pieces, but I have also used this technique to hand piece unusual shapes into a quilt top.

  177. Nikita Smith

    I did it once for a BOM that I participated in and it wasn’t bad, it was a lot easier than I thought.

  178. Susan McGregor

    I have done English Paper Piecing – hexagons primarily. I’ve got a growing stack of them to handsew together.

  179. Sue

    This is a great way to “meet” and find sewists!  I will follow you on email now. Thanks for bringing me to you!  I did paper piecing on my first and only (to date) quilt!  I took a class several years ago and learned how to do various quilt things!  It was fun, but then got into garment sewing. I’m ready now to really begin quilting. I liked the results I got very much. Just remember having a difficult time getting the paper out!  I’m definitely wanting to try it again. Glad you will too. 

  180. Juliet

    I’ve done paper piecing once, and it was really fun.. I like the handsewing. 🙂

  181. Barbara O.

    I have tried EPP, you get nice results there, but you need handsewing time, which I do not have much of. It is definitely worth a try, there’s lovely fabric play to explore. Thanks for the chance! 

  182. jacqueline

    I have tried EPP. As barbara said, you need a lot of hand sewing time, but its a great project to take along on a trip. I did EPP in the train to work and back home again.

    How about the “La Passacaglia quilt” by Willyne Hammerstein?

  183. Michelle Smith

    I have not yet tried paper piecing but want to try soon!

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  184. JoanG

    I love English paper piecing. I use a ladder stitch rather than a whip stitch to join the shapes. The stitches just vanish into the seams instead of being visible. I have a serious love for La Passacaglia and hope to be able to start it soon.

  185. Jacklynn Grimm

    I have tried EPP, and the best thing I did was find a website where I can print my own hexies on paper, rather than purchase papers already cut. I have them sitting next to my spot on the couch and when my husband and I watch TV I pull them out. Make yourself a nice zipper pouch, you can sit and make hexies anywhere! Thanks for the giveaway! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  186. Sarah

    I have never tried it; it seems tedious to me, but I do like hand sewing so I may like it.

  187. Karen

    I haven’t tried EPP. It really scares me! Any hand sewing scares me, actually.

  188. Sue Holman

    I have not tried English paper piecing, but it is on my list of new things to try. 
    I have done regular paper piecing and really enjoyed it.

  189. Amanda

    i have little 1inch hexagon ruler that was a gift in a magazine. This is so helpful when cutting multiple hexagons out from a fabric strip. 

  190. Lyn

    I’ve done a little paper piecing in the past and basted the fabric onto the papers..I’ve just done hexagons and they are so portable as a project 

  191. Pauline

    I have not tried English Paper piecing although I just saw an article about Millefiore paper piecing and that appealed to me immensely – using hexies and diamond shapes to make beautiful designs – and so I hope to try sometime in the future. 

  192. Jeifner

    I took a lovely class from Kaye Prince at the last Sewing Summit. I can see the appeal, especially the fussy cut appeal. It is just so not for me. I much prefer hand embroidery. EPP seems fiddley and slow and almost pointless 

  193. Jess

    I’ve done a little – just hexies, done old school – hand basting the fabric to the paper and then whip stitching and eventually pulling the paper out. I’ve heard good things about using glue and think I should try it next time. 

  194. Alicia

    I am sort of terrified of English paper piecing but I totally admire your bravery for digging in–though I realize how with embroidery and quilting and new methods, blogging can move from a backseat project to the trunk.  But I applaud you for developing a number of skills and putting them to work. 

  195. Alicia

    Also, just started following you on Bloglovin–I’m really into the fact that you’re one of those “good at just about everything” crafters and look forward to more from you in the future!

  196. Kitty

    I love EPP! My favorite tool is the see-through acrylic templates that help with accurate fussy cutting. I’m a bit fussy (or assiduous), so I love being able to get my repeats accurate. Enjoy it, and I’d love to see what you make! I’m great at making the pieces, but not so great at successfully sewing them together into a finished something (yet).

  197. Carol Y

    I have tried it and I like it I guess because I like handwork. It helps to buy precut papers, because that’s the boring part.

  198. Kathy

    Yep I’ve  tried EPP and find it possible but time consuming. Love all the different shapes I see happening on IG.. good needles are essential.

  199. Fran

    I’ve not tried EPP but it’s on my list of things to learn, & the portability of it is greatly appealing. Thanks  for the chance to win.

  200. Jennifer K

    I did EPP years ago for one of the blocks on my only hand pieced quilt.  I’d love to do more because it was the only block I enjoyed hand piecing.

  201. Mara

    Love EPP, very addicting, wonder clips are a lifesaver I don’t like the glue method and also I don’t sew through my papers so they last me a very long time.

  202. Susan Ikin

    I have done a little EPP and found that precut papers give a better finish than hand cut. Also, I like to sew with good light on my work.

  203. Nanna

    I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands caused by an auto-immune disease, so I can’t do much hand-sewing anymore. For example hand-quilting unfortunately is out of the question. But when Jodi at Tales of Cloth posted about her Flowers for Eleni project, I was so moved by the story that I decided to give EPP a try and it turned out to be an absolute delight. The only thing that was hard about it was having to stop making more. Small pieces and nothing heavy to hold turned out to be totally doable. I definitely will do another project with it. This is something that I can easily take with me on a vacation. The fact that I can create my own designs in Illustrator and then have my Silhouette cut the paper pieces for me is an added bonus.

  204. Nanna

    I follow you on Instagram and have added your blog to my Inoreader feeds. Love your posts!!!!

  205. KimR

    Though relatively new to it, I am really enjoying EPP!  I have always enjoyed hand sewing and EPP I find so relaxing.  I don’t really have a favorite tool for it but did find that one of those travel makeup organizers that folds up is perfect for holding all of my templates, threads, needles, etc for a great little travel kit!  Enjoy!

  206. Kristin

    I have tried English paper piecing on a limited basis making a hexagon flower unit for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt someone in my quilt guild made for a raffle quilt. I must admit that I find it a bit tedious.

  207. Ariel

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I tried paper piecing for the first time about 2 months ago and absolutely loved it. I’m currently working on my 2nd EPP project and the first that I’ve designed 🙂 My favorite tool for EPP is those rulers that have a small notch to put up against the fabric to add a 1/4inch. I don’t have one but I have no doubt that it would make my life so much easier.

  208. Erin

    I’ve made a EPP hexie quilt in the shape of a color wheel, and really enjoyed it. I don’t glue baste or anything fancy, just plain old EPP!

  209. Kathy E.

    I have not tried English paper piecing…yet! It is on my list to try. Once school is out in a few weeks, I will have the time to have more fun in my sewing room!

  210. Andrea S.

    I haven’t tried English paper piecing yet – but I’m intrigued. Good luck with it! 

  211. Tiffany

    I love FPP but scared of EPP – hand sewing is not my thing but I want it to be! Same with embroidery – love it but I have no patience for it! 

  212. Alexis

    I haven’t done any paper piecing yet, but it’s on my bucket list. It’s just so intimidating!

  213. Catrin Lewis

    I have done some epp in the past but not for some years now. I’m trying my best to resist the urge to start a La Pas quilt as I know that it would just eat too much of my time!

  214. Tawny

    I have tried paper piecing… once. I gotta admit, I’m not a fan. I found it all very tedious and fiddly. But if you have the patience of embroidery, then you might get more out of paper piecing than I did. 🙂

  215. Diane B

    Hi Daisy, I’ve not tried English PP.

    It’s wonderful to meet you and thank you so much for sharing w/me.

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