Fat Quarter Shop has a new pattern in their shop called the Star Crossed Quilt.


One of the greatest parts of this pattern is that most of the components are of similar dimensions so cutting goes very quickly. For this lap quilt, I used 7 fat quarters of Garden Party Tango by Iza Pearl Designs for the stars, and newsprint fabrics from my stash like this Headliner from Blank Quilting and Objects Faded Newspaper from Robert Kaufman.


There's lots of chain piecing, and the components don't require too much fussing about to protect those precious star points.


Fat Quarter Shop is generously giving away a fat quarter bundle of 12 Moda Bella Solids that you can add to your stash or use to make your own Star Crossed Quilt! Leave a comment telling us your most recent "star crossed" moment, and I'll pick a winner on Friday!



Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Star Crossed Quilt
Size: 49" x 65"
Star Fabrics: Garden Party Tango by Iza Pearl Designs
Background Fabrics: text fabrics from stash
including Headliner from Blank Quilting, Objects Faded Newpaper by Robert Kaufman,
Binding: Moda Bella Solid Navy


  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    I had to google star crossed and I guess it is being thwarted by bad luck. I honestly feel pretty lucky and blessed in my life, and I was about to say I can’t think of anything… but the reality is that I just can’t seem to figure out a way to find a local group of crafters that I can spend some time with! 🙂 Your LV quilt is beautiful and stunning, Daisy. Do you have plans for it?

    1. Daisy

      I do!  My husband’s aunt in Norway has been so kind to our family. Every year we invade her flat and stay and eat and talk into the wee hours of the night.  She was a journalist and editor in the newspaper world for many years – as well as a gardner and lover of pretty flowers – so I’ll be leaving this behind when we stay with her again this summer.

      1. Marit Aschehoug

        And I just got this beautiful piece as a present. I love it. Norway is could in fall an winter, Even in springtime. So I always put on a blanket when I doze off in my good chair in the evening. Thank You Daisy. 

  2. amy

    This is just lovely! The fabrics are just perfect for this pattern.
    Not sure if I’ve had a star crossed moment!

  3. Kat

    My starcrossed moment is unfolding as I write this. I’ve been looking forward to spending a much needed week of holidays at my grandparent’s house at the sea, but now the locomotive engineers are on open-ended strike and it looks like I won’t be able to go.

  4. wendy

    Fab quilt, it looks very soothing, if that makes sense. A commenter above says that star-crossed is bad luck… a pigeon pooed all over my car, does that count?

  5. Carol C

    So far this year has been one star crossed moment after another, so I’m going to think of the positives right now and avoid the clouds. Planning a new quilt is one of the positives.

  6. Kath S

    Your quilt is beautiful and it’s even more beautiful hearing about who and why you’re gifting it – surely it will be cherished there for a long time.  So, my ‘star crossed’ moment was when I’d exceeded my fabric budget 2X by the middle of the month.  Prohibition’s been declared against fabric at my house for the remainder of May and maybe into June.  

  7. Betty T.

    “Star Crossed” makes me think of Romeo and Juliet and their ill-fated relationship. Right now, I’m working on “stars” for a July 4th craft project… a cloth doll dressed with stars on her crown and dress.  However, I love this star pattern; plus, your creative version is fun and modern.  I also noticed some “Mamma Said Sew” fabric in your quilt.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Wendy

    I love your low volume version of this quilt! And I would love to make my own version. Re: a starcrossed “moment” I’ve been having too many of these lately being plagued with too many losses. Hoping that as the year unfolds, things will get better.

  9. Laura

    LOVE your quilt!!!!  Star crossed moments are hitting our little town hard with so many tragic situations.  I try to remain a glass half full person, but it is tough when those around you are suffering.  I would never have thought I would be drawn to a quilt with a newsprint background, but you hit the target with this one! 

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  11. Riane Menardi

    Daisy, I love the colors you chose! It is so beautiful, and I love, love reading about your plans for this quilt 🙂 This sounds like the most perfect quilt for her.

  12. janet

    Like Carol C I’d rather not think on the star crossed moments of my life right now.  They break my heart.  I’d much rather look forward and I think this quilt is going to be a project for me moving forward – I love it!  I really like your version with the text print backgrounds :0)

  13. Nancy Stone

    I must admit I can’t think of a star crossed moment in my life.  I thought it was good thing, but the dictionary  has set me straight.  I love this quilt.

  14. Linda Webster

    Love your quilt and the newspaper background.  I’m in the middle of a star-crossed time with my sisters.  We just can’t see eye-to-eye on an issue involving my mom.

  15. Diana W

    My Star crossed moment was at the Dallas Quilt Show when who walked into the booth I was in but Miss Rosie herself. She is a Star in my book , love her patterns, love her writing on the Moda Blog. I did tell her Welcome to Dallas. She is very Tall! I had no idea she was that tall. But I have to say , I am a bit vertically challenged, at only 5’3. So she might be normal and I am the one that is short! it was great to see her in person. 
    I love that you used the newsprint for your quilt, I am so crushing on all the newsprint and word fabric right now. I really need to make something with it instead of just hoarding it ! Thanks to FQS for the giveaway. 

  16. leanne

    really love your quilt – the newsprint background is so fabulous – thanks so much for sharing !! my most recent star crossed moment is finding out I have to have an operation when I’d rather be taking a 3 day workshop with Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr – very sad !

  17. Pip

    I really love the look of this quilt, all the newsprint and text prints are such a great background for it. I associate “star crossed” with Romeo and Juliet so I don’t really have any star crossed moments like that in my life but I am a bit like Leanne in that my husband is having an operation when a workshop that I really wanted to do was being held, but family comes first so the workshop will be done at a later date.

  18. shawn

    not sure i know what star crossed means but when i see a fabric i love i feel star struck.

  19. Debby

    I love this pattern and your choice of fabric. And the giveaway would be great to win. Thanks for the chance. I can’t really say I’ve experienced any star crossed moments this year, thank heaven. Last year was a different story, but this year has been pretty good,

  20. judith Blinkenberg

    Last year there was a quilt along from the Wallflowers pattern of Cluck Cluck Sew and it was difficult for me a confident quilter. I threw away 2 blocks and the other I gave away one that was messed up. I had to take pictures of the pieces to get them straight, so I put it away. Well I started sewing it again this past weekend and guess what? I sewed 5 blocks without one bit of trouble! No need for a picture. It is so easy now!! This is my star crossed moment!

  21. Rose

    I had a recent star-crossed week at work.  I was driving a big project against an aggressive timeline with no buffer.  One team member had a sudden loss in the family, and the next day, another team member also had a sudden loss in the family!  My manager almost didn’t believe me, ha.

  22. Nurdan

    Your quilt looks beautiful Daisy! I really love the effect of the newspaper fabrics!
    My most recent star cross moment is finding a parking ticket on my wind screen yesterday even though I parked legally and display a parking permit. Correcting the mistake took me all day and basically drained my energy at work!

  23. Phyllis D

    Had a lIttle moment today trying to make a payment online. I kept getting a screen error and finally tried it on another computer. At last I got the correct screen but lost my credit card in the process! But if that’s the worst, it was still a good day! Love your quilt and the pattern….can’t wait to try it.

  24. Paige

    Like Yvonne, I had to look up star crossed.  My moment happened this week when I was supposed to go on a quilting retreat (where I would have worn the lovey lanyard you made)  but my sewing machine had other plans.  The power board was on backorder and I didn’t want to borrow a machine.  But it’s back now, and I’m going to give it a try this morning.  Your quilt is so nice and thank you for the giveaway!

  25. Alicia Key

    I like the pattern. I’ve stored up some text prints, too. Perhaps I’ll give them a try ! Thankfully, no star-crossed moments in immediate memory!

  26. Brita

    Star-crossed moments seem to have happened throughout my long life, but I feel stronger  for having experienced them all, even though they are stressful at the time.  Happy stars quilts make me smile!

  27. Pamela N

    This may sound silly but my starcrossed moment came in a FMQ class…and discovering that FMQ isn’t as scary as I thought!

  28. Abby

    I love your version.  My last “star crossed” moment was when I ran into Keanu Reeves – literally.

  29. Carrie Bumgardner

    My star crossed moment happened a few weeks ago.  First, I was stung by an angry red wasp while out at lunch.  The office didn’t have any topical anti-itch medicine in the first aid kit so I decided to run to Walgreens.  While leaving, I was hit by another car in the parking lot.  Then later that day (yes, the same day), I had a portion of my thumbnail ripped off.  Needless to say, I could get home and locked inside fast enough.  

  30. Kristi

    I can’t think of any star-crossed moments in my life lately so I’m thinking of only positive things! I love this quilt pattern and your quilt! Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. Marie Chat

    Love your interpretation of this pattern and fabrics you used. A star crossed moment for me is when I finished my ‘Rising Star’ scrappy quilt. I love how the stars are popping everywhere, with little ones in the big ones. I even quilted it on a rented long-arm ~ a feat for me as it was a large queen and I need to walk with a cane! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Elaine F.

    My best “star moment” when my sons were born. The first was born on January 1 at 2:00 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs and 15 oz. The second was born on February 13 at 10:00 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs and 10 oz. I’ll love them forever, forever I will.

  33. Harriett Cheek

    I love the red and white quilt on jolly jabber. But mine would be blue and white. My star cross moment was when i was diagnosed with cancer. But God is good and iam cancer free now.

  34. Esther G

    I drove 1.5 hours to go shopping yesterday but forgot my credit card and locked my keys in the car! Turned out fine in the end. I really like your quilt and this new pattern!

  35. craftygramma

    My most recent star crossed moment would be awful to retell, so I’ll give the basics. Widowed at 47, disabled in 2008; unable to work at my chosen career (teaching) thus losing our home and most of the things in it…

    However, now I have many grandchildren to enjoy and will finally return to work this August! 
    Yay! I am also able to knit, crochet and SEW after years of rehab, sew excited!


  36. Karen Seitz

    Your quilt is lovely! I traveled across the country to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her and was delayed from landing in Denver by bad weather. We were assured our connecting flights were being held, but when I arrived at the gate, I was not allowed to board because they had closed the jetway. I had to wait more than 9 hours for the next flight and missed an entire day of my 3-day visit with Mom. 🙁

  37. Jennifer P

    My star crossed episode happened just late last year when my daughter’s long awaited baby was born early and spent his first five days in the NICU. Such a wonderfully anticipated birth to be beset with such worry. Ultimately all is well with the baby now and I have a chance to enter this drawing for beautiful fabric! I really like the vintage feel of your quilt on the bed. Very pretty.

  38. Gunilla

    Oh, I love the look of this quilt, the sweet softness and the hidden stars! Hmm, a star struck moment… Not right now! I just got a new job and I am so thankful for that!!!

  39. Doris McCarty

    I star crossed moment , I recently had a stroke with no explanation of what caused it. But I am still quilting and doing well. I’m absolutely in your with that quilt. 

  40. MaryBeth

    I really can’t say I’ve ever had a truly star crossed moment.  Just lucky I guess.

  41. Wendy

    Beautiful quilt! I love stars! My star struck moment was probably when I met my hubby. We just had our 43rd. anniversary on Tuesday.

  42. Susan Brennand

    I recently lost my mother and I was feeling a little down and sorry for myself until I saw a picture my daughter posted of my youngest granddaughter Mindy Sue (named after me!). In the photo she is smiling at the camera with that same smile my Mom always offered me. It struck me then that she will always be with me, I just have to look.

  43. Barbara Rogers

    The quilt is beautiful in every way! My star-crossed moment is finding the time to quilt!  Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. Brenda E.

    Ok the worst that has happened this week was I didn’t get my daughters birthday wishes sent to her on the right day, I was a day early. She maybe thought mom is losing it but at least I remembered! Your version is so appealing and normally I like more traditional prints.

  45. sarah j

    I just returned from a conference I had long wanted to attend and it was amazing to be in a room with such inspiring people!

  46. Carol

    I love quilts with wordy fabrics, so this one definitely calls my name. My not-so-good star crossed moment was running into a relative last week in a restaurant in a small town that neither of us live in. He and his wife walked in, saw us and turned around and left. We were so glad they did since they aren’t nice people at all! We’re still blown away at the odds of seeing them there at that very moment in that small town.

  47. DeborahGun

    I love your version of this design – the use of the text print is genius! A star-crossed moment this week, not being able to go to my son’s soccer tournament because of the endless changes of plans involved – making a decision in the culture where I live always involves so many people!

  48. becky m

    I guess I’d have to say my latest star crossed moment has actually been my husbands. He’s been laid off for 3 yrs with no luck finding a new job. (though the good that has come of it is that he cares for the kids and has really developed a special bond with them!)

  49. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Daisy, I *love* this! What a versatile pattern – love the fabrics you chose! And star crossed lately… meeting Kitty a few weeks ago – it was so fun to connect with a blogger friend IRL – hopefully we’ll cross paths someday soon!

  50. Tracey M

    This quilt looks like someone wanted to paint, and all that was available were stacks of newspaper.  So pretty. My daughter and I may be experiencing some star crossed moments of plans for after graduation….

  51. alma curtis

    Love your quilt! I find myself draw to text on quilts. my moment was when a nurse friend had me print scripture on blocks to make a encougement quilt for when someone has health battles. The multiple experiences with and the stories of comfort that came from doing these has never ceased to amaze me.

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