Sew Mama Sew and Spoonflower challenged a few bloggers to create something for the kitchen from kitchen-themed  fabrics. Sew Mama Sew collaborates with bloggers, designers, and authors to provide daily sewing content on their website. Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap, and there was no end to the awesome kitchen-themed fabrics in their marketplace.

My stand mixer has been naked for far too long, and a little bit of Spoonflower fabric seemed to be just the thing I needed to dress her up a bit.


I spent ages pouring over fabric designs, but two in particular caught my eye: Herb Garden Toss and Dill Toss Green from badger & bee.  Spoonflower has over a dozen different types of textiles  you can print designs on.  Based on their helpful descriptions of uses and recommend care instructions, I chose Kona Cotton.

I referenced part of the template from this tutorial from Heart of Mary and used this tutorial from Kristine at Mudmuffins and Woogiemonsters for thinking about my measurements.

mixer front

The lining, cotton batting, and Spoonflower fabric on the side and main panels are quilted half an inch apart.  If I make another, I’d quilt a little more densely or use a  stiff stabilizer like Timtex (check out this helpful interfacing post on Sew Mama Sew).


Once dressed, I moved my mixer around the kitchen thinking I might show her off a bit more. I put her on the counter. I put her in a corner by the window. In the end, she’s back where she usually lives on my very messy shelves.

mixer shelf

The only thing that would make Spoonflower more amazing is if I could order organized shelves to go with my new stand mixer cover!

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  1. Sarah

    Those are messy shelves? Oh, honey. 😛 I’d take a picture of my kitchen shelves for you, but I’m afraid you might have a heart attack. 😀 The stand cover is very, very pretty. I’d make one if I had enough room to store my mixer together, and in a place where I can see it. As it is, the mixer part is in one cabinent, the bowl is in another. Yet another point against apartment living — tiny kitchens! 

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  3. Rose

    Love the fabric! REALLY love your eye for coordinating fabrics though! I think you found a new talent because I’d love to see more 2-fabric Spoonflower combos from you! 

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