The Instagram quilt world seems like it’s full of swaps.

Alison Glass Hexies

There are swaps for mini quilts and pouches and pin cushions.  There are themed swaps for anime and woodland creatures and bees and apples and Disney and Harry Potter and pirates.  And there are also swaps where you just sew with a specific designer.

In (several) moments of weakness, I signed up for three.  Yikes!  Lots of minis coming up this summer.


The first is this Alison Glass mini that I sent to my partner on Monday. (#alisonglassminiswap on Instagram)

Alison Glass - 99 Hexies

The Modern Hexies tutorial from Nicole at Modern Handcraft is absolutely awesome.  Don’t be scared. Don’t be intimidated. If you even think you might want to make this, DO IT.

Alison Glass - 99 Hexies back

A recent trip provided a great opportunity for some hand stitching. I started hand stitching these hexies at the airport for our outgoing trip, and I had almost all 99 of these done before coming back home.


I love the quilted triangles that end up on the back!


By the way, if you’re wondering how to sign up for swaps on Instagram, I don’t have much advice beyond follow a lot of quilters. Many people post an image when they’ve signed up for a swap, and you can follow the hashtag, scroll to the earliest image, and get the full scoop. If you have other advice, please share!


Quilt Stats
Size: 24″ x 21″
Fabric prints: Alison Glass Sunprint
Fabric solid: unknown gray from my stash


  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    This mini turned out so beautifully, and the fact you had a long trip where you had time to hand sew those 99 hexies seems like perfect timing! Your quilting looks so precise and beautiful from the backing.

  2. Julie

    Gorgeous mini – I haven’t bought any Allison Glass fabric yet, but this is certainly inspiring me too.
    Flickr also has a lot of different sewing based swaps too.

    1. Daisy

      You’re right, Julie – there are a ton of swaps on Flickr. I highly recommend some Alison Glass fabric – the colors are super vibrant, and Andover fabrics have a nice feel to them.

  3. Kelsey

    99, wow! It’s amazing how quickly the number needed grows. The quilt is gorgeous. The colors really pop on the grey background, and I love the scrappy binding. I agree, the quilting pattern achieved on the back is great.

  4. Alison Wood

    Hi Daisy, I really love your mini quilt and especially the great quilting: fab on the back as well as the front, so crisp and defined, no wobbly bits that I can see!  I am inspired to have a go as I am getting to the end of my conventional EPP in traditional taupe colours: this would be a good contrast.  Thanks for showing us and for the link to the tutorial. 

  5. Colleen

    I am scared and intimidated ! The spacing is the scariest. Yours looks absolutely beautiful tho.
    Colleen @

  6. JanineMarie

    This is such a cool looking technique. I really like how the quilting goes through the hexies and around them. And your colors on the gray fabric are so crisp. 

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