This is one of those, “I know I haven’t blogged in a while posts.”

Rather than list the excuses, I’ll leave you with a picture of some fun, and I’ll go back to finding my project pictures and writing about bee blocks and mini quilt swaps and upcoming big quilt projects and my new improv adventure that’ll happen at the end of the month with Sandi over at Crafty Planner.


More soon.  Till then, may you find as much happiness as this guy with just a quilt, a flashlight, and a smile. Cheers!

Quilt Stats:
This is a subway tile quilt I made for my sister several years ago.  I don’t remember the size or how big each rectangle is, but it’s all Kaffe Fassett fabric bound in some Kona Parchment and backed in flannel scraps.  I recently remarked in on Instagram how I forget that some times, simple is exceptional.  I love this quilt.  And that little boy.


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