After exercising my appliqué muscle on those Alison Glass hexies, I had the urge to dive into some really tiny piecing for the Cotton + Steel mini quilt swap on Instagram.

Paper piecing is just the thing for really tiny, intricate piecing.


Plus, this pattern has languished in my to-do pile for far too long. I started last summer after falling in love with many of the luna moth fabrics out there.


Patty Young’s Luna Moth from her Flora and Fauna line is probably my favorite (I used it in this pillow), but Tula Pink’s Swarm from Moonshine is a very very close second. And of course, Anna Maria Horner and Valorie Wells have butterflies and moths in some of their fabrics, too.  I’m inspired by the natural world around me, and I’m also inspired by all of the talented designers in this quilt world.

There’s just something glorious about winged creatures – and there’s something mysterious and alluring about those that fly around at night.  I began dreaming of piecing a luna moth that could go on a wall hanging or be the centerpiece in a big quilt.

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Luna Moth

Since this swap celebrated Cotton + Steel fabrics, I liked the idea of including a selvedge on the back. I pieced the back with two fabrics, wrong sides together, then topstitched the edge of the selvedge.

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt back

I included my own quilt tag, but I think the selvedge left a nice “made by” sort of tag on the back. I’m encouraged by the words, “Leap and the net will appear,” and I love the idea that the cheering and encouragement of these words will radiate from behind this mini where ever my partner decides to hang it.

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt message

I’m still modifying this pattern. I had a particular aesthetic I wanted to achieve with the piecing and the natural vein-look of wings, but I think there are ways I can make it easier without losing any of the intricate piecing. A few of the seams can be moved so that subsequent seams aren’t as bulky. I also want to re-order some of the piecing on the individual units so the pattern can be as forgiving as possible. And then there are also mistakes that I’ve found and missing registration marks that I need to add. Even knowing all those little things that need to be fixed in the pattern, I’m so pleased at how this sweet moth came together!

Luna Moth and Little Hands

Little hands keep making their way into my photo shoots, and I couldn’t leave this one out.  I suppose my kids, quite literally, have a hand in everything I do these days – and that’s wonderful!


Linking with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

    I do love the selvage edges of the C+S fabrics, and I love the energy the strip will give this sweet mini quilt. I love creating patterns, but I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around paper piecing patterns; you work is super inspiring!

  2. Sarah

    Love that your label looks like you literally signed it! 😀 Oh, and the mini is nice too. I’m still not the biggest C+S fan, but they look good here. That moth is just a great pattern though. And yay for little hands!!!

  3. Carie

    Oh wow! That’s incredible – I can’t believe how tiny your pieces are, paper piecing all the way for those! And your little hand creeping into the pictures made me giggle – let’s just say I have a remarkably similar shot in my pictures today!

  4. Gina

    Amazing design & talent! Just the other evening I watched a Luna moth until it went out of site. I haven’t tried paper piecing yet! Love your design!

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