July has flown by, and I haven’t posted June’s do Good Stitches blocks yet!

Y C asked for Sticks and Stones blocks with any bright color for the sticks and aqua/turquoise for the stones.

Sticks and Stones Quilt Block for do Good Stitches

Now I need to finish July’s blocks… And get myself and two boys down to Baton Rouge to meet our moving truck.



    1. Daisy

      Ha! I did, Karin, but I also stressed a fair bit over getting them up to size since I didn’t start with a square of background fabric (I used scraps).  I kept making my blocks too small thinking that the size would grow as I added strips – they did, sort of, but it was a challenge at times and one got tossed out because I couldn’t make it expand the right way. Puzzles are definitely fun though! 

  1. Allison

    They are wonderful – I especially love the one with five sticks. I had the opposite problem to you – mine came out HUGE and had to be cut down to size! 

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