I started blogging with the intent to journal all the quilts I might give away. I wanted a record of my makes that I might not get to see again.

A byproduct of that record is that I have date and time stamps for more than just the projects I give away – my work-in-progress pile is there, too.  There’s no rewriting history and using a bad memory to say, “oh, I don’t think this is more than a year old.”

This Aerial Quilt mini from last spring won’t win any awards for oldest WIP, but it really shouldn’t have been neglected for so long. I had a bad run on a long arm with this thing last summer.  I had some bird’s nests with the thread and then I was very unhappy with my quilting (I should have used a ruler with the approach I was taking).  I did a lot of unpicking and abandoned the project.

Aerial Quilt

But now it’s done!  There are times to stretch ourselves and try something new, and there are times when we need to settle in with our routine and do what we know – and maybe love – best.  For me, that’s some simple straight line quilting.

Aerial Quilt

I did try a new-to-me binding method where you sew the binding to the front, wrap it around to the back, and stitch on the front in the ditch to catch the binding in the back.  It was a disaster, and I’m not in the mood to capture that mistake.  It’ll have to suffice that I need to practice that method more before I use it again.  For now, this will make a great table topper or maybe I’ll put it in my craft space for a while. 


Quilt stats:
Pattern: Aerial Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander
Binding and main fabric: Jelly roll of Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander
Front border fabric: Peppered Cotton in Charcoal by Pepper Cory for StudioE
Size: 28″x28″

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  1. Alison Wood

    I think your Aerial quilt is great – the colour palette is so calm but the fracturing is intriguing, and I think your irregular straight line quilting is just right.  I definitely feel inspired to have a go at this.  Thank you for sharing that you don’t always get your projects completed all in one go and that sometimes first ideas just don’t work out – makes me feel a lot better!

  2. Laura

    love this quilt! The first couple of times I did binding like it was a complete disaster!! I now do glue basting when I flip the binding to the back. It takes a bit of time up front, but the end product is flawless. It’s my favorite! Don’t give up 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Yay! This was the first quilt I ever saw of yours, so I’m extra happy it’s all finished and you can enjoy it now. 😀 I love, love, love this color palette so much – yellow, but not overly intense and very calming. And the straight lines compliment it perfectly!

  4. Diane

    I’m so glad that you shared photos of this beautiful quilt, and also the trials that you’ve gone through while making it. I think that it’s very important that we be honest with ourselves regarding our “mishaps” because that’s how we learn! I made an Aerial quilt last month using the Doe line, and I just love it! I am currently hand quilting my Aerial quilt, using Pearl cotton. I last hand quilted 23 yrs. ago, but it’s something that apparently I never forgot.

  5. Kali

    It looks great! When I machine bind I start seeing the binding to the back, then bring it around to the front. I feel like this gives me more control over how far around to pull the binding and I can catch just a few threads worth of the folded binding edge. Finding what worked took me a little while, but it’s been so worth it as I don’t love hand binding! 🙂 

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