Every once in a while I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone.

Firecrackers Quilt in Chair

Or lunge.

Cutting wedges for Firecrackers Quilt

I’m so much more comfortable sewing with blues. Orange and yellow are not colors I usually reach for, but that Mind’s Eye in Toast by Anna Maria Horner from her Field Study line and Heather Ross’ Frog Prince in yellow from Far Far Away begged to come out of my stash and play.

I pulled some Carolyn Friedlander cross hatch and Doe, as well as a few others, to fill out my warm rays of sunshine.

Playing with Firecrackers Quilt

This quilt pattern is perfectly suited for jelly rolls, but I enjoyed pulling out orange and yellow yardage from my stash to make the strip sets. I was a little concerned about the cohesiveness of the scrappy greens, but you can decide for yourself if a scrappy approach works for you.

Firecrackers Quilt

I’m still trying to decide whether I’ll quilt this and use it as a picnic quilt or whether I’ll send it to a quilter and gift it to a relative.

If YOU’D like to make one, everything you need to make your own Firecrackers Quilt is below. All links will open in a new window and take you to pages at fatquartershop.com:

PDF Pattern    |    Quilt Kit    |    Backing Set    |    Video Tutorial

It’s not necessary, but I enjoyed using the Creative Grids Non-Slip 30 degree Triangle ruler by Swirly Girls Designs.  That’s a big name for what turns out to be a big ruler – almost 20″ long by 11″ at the widest part. I used it with both the green background wedges and the strip set wedges, and the ruler really sped up my cutting.

If you’d like more inspiration, check out the other Firecracker Quilts made by these talented bloggers!

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If you’d like a chance to win a jelly roll of your choice from the Fat Quarter Shop, leave me a comment sharing when and where you were the last time you set off some firecrackers.* And, of course, what kind of firecrackers you set off!

The contest is open internationally, and entries will close midnight CST on Sunday. I’ll let the random generator pick a winner for us on Monday morning, November 16.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Firecrackers Quilt with kids

*If firecrackers are illegal in the state or country in which you live, Ants to Sugar does not encourage or condone breaking the law – but I will certainly enjoy hearing about it.

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  1. mell-meyer

    Your quilt has a very colorful and joyful feeling. I like it.

    — For the firecrackers. I love seeing a big firework but I hate when people around you through firecrackers. I am to skittish – I only light sparklers on New Year’s Eve – if that counts 🙂

  2. Anita

    Actually, I have NEVER set off a firecracker! I don’t believe in setting off fireworks on a small scale, but I enjoy watching professional Pyro shows.

    I love your colorful quilt!

  3. Cassandra

    Afraid no firecrackers allowed in South Australia unless you are a professional. We amuse ourselves with sparklers, and I have also taken some amazing photographs of fireworks displays over the city. It’s great fun because you can never quite predict what the shot will look like, what colours and layers will be captured, so every frame is different! 

  4. Gill

    I haven’t set off any fireworks for years but Catherine Wheels were always my favourite
    Great quilt – I love the colours you chose!!

  5. Alison

    This is so much fun and I never would have thought of coloring the pattern in such a way and it is GORGEOUS! Love all of the different greens that you used! And you are right — that ruler is HUGE!

  6. Annmarie

    I haven’t set off a firecracker since my son was 12. He’s 41 now – YIKES!!! I didn’t know there were different kinds. Ours always came in a tightly wrapped 3×3 inch pkg. of 8.

  7. Cheryl

    Given the drought situation and fire hazard around here I can’t remember the last time I set off a firecracker!  But everytime the 49ers or Giants win the neighbors all go crazy with them.

  8. amy

    Actually never set off firecrackers. Closest thing would be the little sparklers that were so common in years past.
    Firecrackers aren’t sold here-many states don’t allow sales of these items!

    Your quilt is gorgeous-ruler is intriguing. Will have to look into getting one of those!

  9. Lynne Tilley

    Oh my, I was probably in Bartlesville OK when I was very young because I have since lived in areas where firecrackers weren’t allowed.  Maybe I used a few sparklers here and there with my kids when they were young back in the 1980’s.  I do enjoy a good fireworks display, though, and this display of quilts is fantastic.  Love your version and the color scheme.  It’s such a bright and happy combination.  Thanks for sharing.  I’d love to try this pattern and that triangle ruler!  

  10. carol n

    Wow, it has been years since I set off a firecracker!! No kids, live in town- guess that makes me boring!

  11. Allison CB

    Lovely quilt! I haven’t set off firecrackers in years ( do sparklers count? LOL) – always go to public displays!

  12. Sarah J.

    It’s been a while since we had firecrackers- it was a staple for a while to set off little ones in my childhood backyard- roman candles were always my favorite.  I adore this quilt and commend you jumping from your comfort zone (I know it’s hard!)- the result is amazing.  It really is the perfect picnic quilt- the colors make me want a lemonade and a good book!

  13. Becca

    We set off a few with our daughter on July 4th this year…just a few, and we were at home. Your quilt is so fun!

  14. Emilee

    4th of July of course! (Although I just watch the show and my husband & his friend set them off) The last two years it has been raining, but we always get at least a few off for the holiday!

  15. Delaine

    I love the colors in your quilt! Fresh and happy! Believe it or not, I have never set off a firecracker. Thanks!

  16. Becky S

    Cute quilt-I love the scrappy mix of fabrics. Fireworks are illegal here, but I did sparklers with my nieces in Las Vegas
    several years ago.

  17. Danette

    I did not set off firecrackers, but I watched the fireworks in Geneva, Ohio. They were awesome. We were camping so we just sat in our lawn chair and got a free show. Thank you.

  18. Liz

    Love the scrappy greens! I haven’t set of firecrackers in quite some time…but I alway used to buy some when I drove past ‘South of the Border’ crossing into South Carolina. What a hoot!

  19. Tarnia

    We have just celebrated Guy Fawkes here of course, so there have been plenty of fireworks to enjoy. Not so well thought out was our acquisition of a new farm dog, who we adopted after her last home fell through. She was barely coping with living in town, with its cyclists, cars, pedestrians, strange dogs etc, when we got hit with a week of fireworks all around our neighbourhood. I never realised how noisy it was, until we had a whimpering dog. My Hubbie and the dog bonded, with the hubbie sitting outside til after midnight cuddling a trembling dog. Today we are delivering the dog to a quiet farm, and her new owners. In future we will stick to cats, until we too can afford a quiet place in the country.

  20. Cecilia

    I don’t think I’ve ever used firecrackers! But when I was young, my brothers set them off at New Years. Your quilt is beautiful, thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  21. Dawn Jones

    We don’t buy firecrackers. We usually go to our local fair to watch fireworks. The last thing we did ourselves were sparklers and the pagodas. Beautiful quilt by the way, have a great day!

  22. Sarah

    Lovely quilt! I like the idea of making it a picnic quilt. I think the last time I set off any fireworks was a few years ago when I went back home (Southwest USA) and set of smoke bombs and worms with the little nieces and nephews. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Dian

    Love your quilt and the great scrappy colors.  The greens blend perfectly and make the quilt interesting.  

    As for fireworks, I always covered my head as a child; i didn’t like the noise.  Now 60 years later, I enjoy watching out the window with several Grands who don’t like the noise either but love the colors and formations.  It’s a nice set-up for us.  The neighbors put on an awesome show shooting the fireworks out over the Mississippi River and some family sit outside and those with sensitive ears enjoy it all from indoors.

  24. Terri Ann

    For someone who isn’t into oranges and reds I have to say that you made them work for you my dear!  This is such a fun pattern and the scrappy green was a bold and brilliant choice!

  25. Donna Christell

    Your quilt looks so fun. I like that you used prints through out, And I mostly always just watched firecrackers and ogled, because my husband and kids delight so much in the ‘performance’.

  26. Summer

    It’s been ages since I’ve held a sparkler; now they scare me. But years ago, my cousin would come down from Ohio and put on a show. We always enjoyed him scrambling away after lighting them as much as we did the fireworks! About your Firecrackers quilt, I’m not a big fan of green quilting fabric, even though green used to be my favorite color as a kid (now it’s blue!), however, I really like it with the orange and yellow “firecrackers”. It would be better with blue instead of green though! 😛

  27. Nicole Sender

    I love your colors for this quilt. I set off fireworks a number of years ago at a July 4th party. Now it’s illegal in my city in the Pacific Northwest so I watch the local display instead. 

  28. LINDA

    HI, we last shot off a bunch of Roman Candles with relatives last Independence Day!

    Your quilt is so pretty! I’d love to win a “Gooseberry Jelly Roll”! Thank you+FQS for sharing a neat giveaway!

  29. Lisa Marie

    Not sure about the last time, but here’s the best time.  When I was in college I met a “cute boy” who was in class with one of my roommates.  It was during summer school and we had our first date watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.  We also shot off a few bottle rockets (or something) which may or may not have been legal in that state.  We’ve been married over 29 years now so I guess the fireworks worked!

  30. Morgan

    Oh I love the scrappiness of your version! It really looks lovely! I want more, different types of rulers in my life, that 30degree one looks awesome. I recently got a great big square one and I wonder what I did without it. I wonder if the 30degree would be like that? And I like that this is good with Jelly Rolls but you did it with yardage to show it’s good with that, too!

  31. Morgan

    (was too busy talking about the quilt I forgot to mention that I haven’t set off firecrackers in a very long time – the cats don’t like it. The last time was maybe 10 years ago?)

  32. Laura

    I have never set off firecrackers, but after my oldest daughter’s wedding, my middle daughter’s boyfriend set off a fantastic fireworks display.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

  33. Kathy E.

    I have lived 54 fun-filled years, but have never set off a firecracker! The closest to a firecracker is a sparkler with the neighborhood kids a few years ago in July. I like to play it on the safe side, as far as fireworks go!

  34. Sheila Ivany

    I prefer  to  watch  fireworks  than light them.  Your quilt  is stunning  with the  background  in green. Thank  you  for  a  chance  to  win . 

  35. Chris

    My husband, daughter and 3 grandsons go crazy with fireworks every summer in my backyard. Actually it’s 5 acres so it’s OK. The dogs aren’t too happy but otherwise it’s alright.

  36. Deout 15bby

    I have never set off a firecracker. I know my hubby has when we were in high school, but that was about 15 years ago or so….

    I think your quilt would look really sweet tied together. I love the scrappy greens.

  37. Sarah

    The last time was the week after the 4th of July this summer, using up some sparklers out side our building with my children.

  38. DeborahGun

    We set off firecrackers every independence day here (17th August) which is also my oldest son’s birthday. Unfortunately most of them are dud’s and so don’t work and just fizzle into the ground!

  39. Melanie C

    Our town does a Family 4th of July event…the fireworks are amazing!!!! (We don’t let them off ourselves as it is illegal).

  40. Barbara McDonald

    The last time I set off fireworks was in 1976 (yes, I’m very old), the year of the Bicentennial in the US. My sister, one of best friends and I were shooting Roman Candles off the pier behind our little cottage, when one of the candles got away from me and set the woods on fire across the water. NO MORE FIREWORKS FOR ME.

  41. Pam S

    I’ve never set off firecrackers, but I enjoyed my neighbor’s firecrackers that last 4th of July. And I enjoyed your quilt post too! It’s a delightful quilt and you have a delightful model! 

  42. Margaret

    I haven’t ever personally set off fireworks, my husband did in 2008 at our new home. I really like the colors in this quilt. I don’t chose orange much but this is eye catching.

  43. Caitlyn

    Back home in the Florida Keys. Fireworks are illegal in Virginia so we have to go home to set off even the smallest or fireworks. I enjoy sparklers.

  44. heidi

    I ddo llove yyour sscrappy aapproach, & tthe oorange iis ggreat wwith tthe yyellow & ggreen. NNot ssure wwhat hhas hhappened tto mmy ttypepad, hhmm, bbetter restart tthe pphone! II llove mmortar sshells!

  45. Heather

    Here in New Zealand we have our fireworks on 5th of November -which is Guy Fawkes Night. While fireworks haven’t been banned here (yet) they can only legally be sold from the 2nd to 5th November – so if you want some for New Years you have to buy them in November.

  46. Susan McGregor

    Last time we set off firecrackers was this past July 1st – Canada’s birthday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    I think the colors are so bright and happy. So to celebrate our marriage, my mother had a 1/4 stick of dynamite that we may or may not have set off in the street in front of the house my husband grew up in… I’ve set of fireworks since, but January 2004 was a pretty memorable celebration.

  48. Diane B

    Lake Gaston in North Carolina, it’s been about 7 years. Good old “road side” purchased multi pack of it all…whirly gigs, etc.

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