I’ve slowed down a bit in December.

I enjoyed time at my inlaws where I let my husband’s sister talk me into a little paper crafting.

Norwegian Paper Star

These little stars have many names – Froebel Stern, Flettede Stjerner, Moravian Paper Star, but since my SIL learned them from her Norwegian cousin, I call them Norwegian Paper Stars. If you’re interested in learning, Apartment Therapy featured them among several other beautiful paper star ornaments. There is a tutorial here and theStarCraft’s Etsy store sells the papers in a gazillion colors. You can make your own weaving papers, but my SIL assures me that the store-bought kind yield a much better result.

Norwegian Paper Star in progress

What else?

I signed up for a membership in the Craft Industry Alliance. I have dreams of long arm quilting and more pattern designing, and while neither of those things are even part-time gigs at the moment, I look forward to soaking up some of the smarts of Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew and Abby Glassenburg from While She Naps. There’s a book club that starts January 3, and we’re discussing Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist [Amazon affiliate link]*

Craft Industry Alliance

Speaking of dreams, I have a dream of being more productive in the New Year. I’ve not bought into the whole resolution thing in the past, but I’m biting hard on it this year. Hook, line and sinker. I can’t help it. I believe I can get just a little more out of each day, and I’m eager to hone in on some good methods for setting goals and tracking habits. I’ve read a bunch of Tony Robbins material. I’ve chased down way too many Bullet Journal hacks. Ever heard of Hal Elrod? To sum it up, I found the fire hose that is the internet. I’ll check in with you in a month to see if I can actually recommend any of this. I wish I could say my research obsession stopped here.

Part of the “New Year Resolution” thing involved some way to write all these goals down and track all these new habits (just kidding, I know I’m supposed to have just one… or two). I looked closely at several planners, and my top three included the Quilter’s Planner by Stephanie at Late Night Quilter, the Craftsplosure Planner, and the Get To Work Book. I could write a whole post on my planner deliberations, but I’ve picked one and am moving forward.

Because really, sometimes it’s just about moving forward. I’m feeling distracted by a lot these days, but I like to think there’s wisdom in keeping it simple and just hustling. (Though send links if you’ve found the perfect source of information that magically creates more hours in your day, please).

But before I move forward, I’ll take a quick moment to reflect. And I don’t have any new sewing to share, so it’s kind of nice to take a moment to look back.

There’s a thing on Instagram right now about putting up an image of your best nine pictures from 2015. It should probably be named, “Your most popular pictures” but that doesn’t make as nice as hashtag as #2015bestnine (or #bestnine2015 – I think they’re both currently trending!)

So here’s mine!


I want to point out that the bottom middle and top right aren’t my creations, but I do get to look at that Anna Maria Horner paper pieced dress mini quilt in my sewing space every day. And I loved getting to see that Gypsy Wife quilt at Sewtopia.

With that, I’ll leave you and try to make it to bed before midnight. I don’t need to greet the New Year the minute it arrives – especially when I do need to greet my children the minute they pop into my bed tomorrow. December’s been a long month of early rising.

And my goals for 2016? Sew often. Sew a lot. Sew joyously and with a little bit of wild abandon.

Happy New Year!


*This is my first affiliate link, and while I don’t know how much I’ll use this, the idea that my blog can fund my fabric purchases seems nice. So, Daisy Aschehoug is now a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

P.S. The war zone echoing in the skies outside (and my computer’s time stamp) say I didn’t make it to bed by midnight.  I’m letting go of this first goal…


  1. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Happy New Year! I can totally relate to your planner debate. While I don’t muse over planners, that’s about how I get about researching homeschool curriculum! It’s an obsessive researching disease… But, hey, it’s not useless =)

  2. Lynn kline

    Daisy, love your paper star.  It is just gorgeous!  And that book – Steel Like an Artist – looks very interesting.  I’m probably going to order it.  

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