Blue is versatile. mosaic

“Feeling blue” means someone is melancholy. Blue skies are pleasant and happy. “Icy blue” can give us chills, and the expression “out of the blue” implies some unknown, mysterious place.  True blue means being loyal or faithful, and we have all kinds of blue objects in this culture that conjure up specific common ideas: blue ribbon, blue blood, blueprints, blue plate special…

Blue is like “the little black dress” of the English language and it’s the color I’m most comfortable in when I’m picking fabrics for my quilts.

Fabric Pull
Welcome to my stop on the Colour Blog series with Michelle from Factotum of Arts. Her blue overview is here, and you can read all about the Colour Blog series here! It’s difficult for me to say anything about blue that can’t be said about any other color… The right blue can be a useful background, an effective focal point, or the perfect addition to almost all palettes – but isn’t that true of any color?

My favorite use of blue is as a unifying element. I love heavy doses of blue in my quilt projects. (If you’d like to see tutorials or more information about any project, click through the images to see links to my blog posts in the Flickr interface.)

Little Tents

Mosaic Tiles


It’s the perfect highlight or background in bee blocks.


do. Good Stitches May 2014
January do. Good Stitches Blocks

And, of course, it’s a staple in quilts or projects that suggest “sky” in the composition.


Mariner's Compass final
I tend to gravitate towards the navy end of the blue spectrum, but spend some time with the whole range of blues – aquamarine, robin’s egg, electric, true, nautical, pale/baby – there’s something for everyone!

do Good Stitches

Score #2 Strings inspired by Sherri Lynn Wood's Improv Handbook for Quilters
Layers of charm

Tip: Sometimes I find that when I want to explore a new color or palette, I’m disappointed in whatever I’ve made because I’m unfamiliar with the colors at the end. They feel foreign and awkward and maybe like I tried too hard. As I follow Michelle through the Colour Blog series this year, I plan to expand my color horizon by inserting some new and different hues in… you guessed it… my favorite blues.

If blues aren’t your favorite yet, I hope you’ve found a little inspiration to try more of them!

Here’s a sneak peek at some Do Good Stitches blocks! Stay tuned. This weekend I’ll share a link to the tutorial and some tips of my own for making these improv wheel blocks out of scraps and 10″ squares!

Do Good Stitches blocks for February


Stay tuned to the Colour blog series all year! It will spotlight a different color each month, first with a post on Factotum of Arts and then with a guest blogger.

January Orange Michelle
February Yellow Melanie Tuazon
March Blue Daisy Aschehoug
April Green Anne Sullivan http://play-crafts.comGiuseppe Ribaudo
May Coral/Peach Heather Jones
June Purple Sandi Sawa Hazlewood
July Brown Alison Glass
August Pink Alyce Blyth
September Black/White Christa Watson
October Aqua/Teal Katarina Roccella
November Grey Nicole Daksiewicz http://modernhandcraft.comNydia Kehnle
December Red Nancy Purvis


  1. Sybille Cuvelier

    Blue isn’t my favorite colours but what you made is so wonderful that it make it up with. 
    Thanks a lot
    So sorry for my poor english

  2. Gayle

    Great photo mosaic. Hits so many of my favorites. Airstreams, VW’s, Carolyn Friedlander and mountains. I can’t list blue as a favorite color but I am very attracted to it. We even re-felted our pool table in blue a few years ago! Blue has the best representation in my stash of all the colors. All of your great quilts and blocks have me jonesing for a blue project. It has to be a giveaway though because my home is not blue with the exception of the pool table and that’s only because our play area is ‘all the colors’ and fun. Thanks!

  3. Anne

    I love that little tents quilt soooooooo much! Beautiful ranges of blues shown here! Navy is one of my go to colors, so I’m feelin’ the blue love. 😀

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