Repetition of color can make such a profound statement in even the simplest of blocks. Take these guys.

HST's for do Good Stitches

There’s not much that’s simpler than the half square triangle, but by making these in batches of 8, there are tons of design options that pack a powerful punch. I had a good time experimenting with the ones I made for Rachel at Stitched in Color for March’s do Good Stitches quilt.

I arranged each of two colorways into blocks.


And I put all the HST’s out in groups of four.


Part of the beauty of these HST’s lies in the exquisite palette described by Rachel – including mustard yellow, olive green, peach, rose, strawberry red, true blue, aqua, and steel. She has a way of writing that inspires the most beautiful color ways! Check out her inspiration on the Flickr discussion page.

Follow Rachel to see what happens next with all of her triangles – she asked for 4 groups of eight HST’s from each of us – so she’ll have over 300 hundred!



    1. Daisy

      Yeah, it’s an interesting bee request, but I really like the idea.  It definitely takes out some of the tedious trimming parts, and you get a mix of fabrics you wouldn’t otherwise get. Both of those are also true for more complicated blocks, but I’m kind of excited to see what she does with these simple ones!

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